Master of the math with 7 simple techniques

  1. Do not look at the numbers as a big deal. Mathematics is a complex subject. The higher the study, the more dizzy. But don’t think that we will not be able to understand it. Found the problem, asked to be mindful, in fact, it is a subset of several The parts come together there. Look at it as only signs and numbers And try to take it step by step Find the answers, one section at a time. I’ll be finished.
  2. Paper is prepared to avoid depletion. Another secret of a good mathematician. That is, there should be a note on the side of the body Not that doing homework Tested after the number book is not enough, sometimes it spreads to other subjects (take myself to speak again, haha) all messed up. Doing like this, in addition to not looking already Even more confusing to each other. Which the note paper may be leftover paper to staple as a book Save and convenient to use And also makes learning numbers comfortable Comfortable, too
  3. Always recite formulas and theories. Formulas and theories are at the heart of learning mathematics. Remember the formula is more than half the victory, the rest just apply. And then understand that formula Because the number formula is fixed, you can remember it(probably)all but if surfing the formula is too difficult, P’Mint recommends looking for a formula notebook. Write them in order and carry them as a scripture with you. Searching for any recipe is easy. If free, recite. Sure.
  4. Practice tackling problems often if you ask the mathematical Olympiad group how many questions you have done. It might be a more difficult question to answer, just solve the problem in front of you. Because they probably have done countless times Where mathematics is a subject that requires skill Through completing problems so profoundly to be able to become proficient And most importantly, you should practice doing the problem with a clear mind and have fun with it. After that, just go and pick up the math book to do the problem^^
  5. Don’t be crippled, just peel. Who has never copied number homework? Raise your hand!! Quiet… copying numbers doesn’t make us any smarter. It also made us sink even further. Because it is a language that we cannot read and understand like other subjects Therefore, P’Mint recommends that you do not keep copying your friends until you become habitual Learn to do it yourself. Do it yourself and do it right Proud to die and do it often and will be good at it.
  6. Don’t be distracted by hyperactivity. I don’t believe it, I have to believe that mathematics is the subject that we have to live with the longest. Some may take up to half an hour. But for some people it may be a subject that takes the least amount of time(because you can’t do it, so discouraged and stop doing it) , the latter is a very bad example. Each time you do the problem, you should set aside time and try to complete it by number. If you do it in the middle of the middle, then you will lose your concentration. Sit back and do it, you can say that you almost have to regain your consciousness again. So what Pee Mint recommends is Should concentrate on that problem. After completing it, it will be better to rest one by one.
  7. Ask immediately when you don’t know. Because if we keep our doubts You don’t have to go far. Just outside the classroom, I completely forget. Therefore, recipes or methods of making various, if you do not understand, you should immediately ask. You can ask a teacher or ask a friend. Don’t let it remain uncomfortable. In a moment, the work will grow long.