Richest man in instant noodles

The richest man in instant noodles
Other names: 泡面首富
Author: Eat a bite of pudding
Genre: Novel, Online Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Jia Yapeng, a former painter at a game company, was surprised to find that he was actually a rich second-generation. His parents left him an instant noodle factory, a pair of twin sisters, and a group of workers who hadn’t paid for half a year.

Determined to make his son a rich three-generation Jia Yapeng, he decided to make the Little Raccoon instant noodles and Water Margin Hero Card, which were only on the market in 1999, appear in advance in the turbulent era of 90, and harvested the first pot of gold.

Immediately after the sale of four-wheel drive vehicles, the development of a typing learning machine, the game and animation of “Pokemon” were released at the same time…Legend…Fantasy Westward Journey…League of Legends…Acquisition of Marvel, creating a world of gods.

At the same time, it develops China’s own console and creates China’s console game ecology, allowing Huaxia people to step out of the money-making circle of Krypton Gold Network and become the cradle of countless 3A games.

By the way, MyPhone was released two years earlier than Apple, and Apple crashed directly and was unable to recover.

A huge super game entertainment technology empire, a new generation of the world’s richest man, was born in the hands of Jia Yapeng.

Chapter Lists:

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