What is Hippocampus?

Hippocampus is located in the area. The medial temporal lobe of the brain in a lateral view of the human brain as shown in this picture. The frontal lobe is on the left. Occipital lobe is on the right. The temporal and inverted cerebral lobes were cut to show the underlying hippocampus.

The hippocampus is an essential component of the brains of humans and other mammals . The hippocampus is part of the limbic system, which plays an important role in the formation. Long term memory And determining the direction in the free space This structure resembles a pair of left and right brain as C cerebral cortex in human and primate Other hippocampus posing in the brain, the temporal lobe and medial (medial temporal lobe) of the brain underneath. Cortex shell texture The shape of the hippocampus is so curved. anatomy In the early days, it was compared to the horns of a sheep.(Latin : Cornu Ammonis ) or like a seahorse, as can be seen from the name hippocampus, derived from the Greek word for seahorse (Greek : ιππος, hippos = horse, καμπος, kampos = sea devil).

In patients with Alzheimer’s disease The hippocampus is one of the areas of the brain that has been damaged. This leads to problems with memory and direction in the early stages of the disease. The hippocampus can also be destroyed by Low blood oxygen (hypoxia), brain inflammation (encephalitis), or cramped condition of the brain, the medial temporal lobe (medial temporal lobe epilepsy) patients with hippocampus damage severe symptoms. Loss of memory.

“Hippocampus” is a gland in our brain. It is responsible for dealing with various long-term memories. And spatial navigation models. It also includes being involved in the formation of new neurons. If the hippocampus is crushed or damaged

It will lead to the loss of old memories. Including being unable to create new memories Alzheimer’s disease is a (not) good example of that. Stanford research indicates that “stress” has a direct effect on the hippocampus. If a person is in a stressful mood and murmurs and mumbles over and over, just boredom for just half an hour.

In addition to the annoyance of the people around His own hippocampus was also annoyed. As a result, stress increases the levels of the hormone cortisol. It interferes with the connection of neuron junctions. Which will shorten the life of the neurons

That is, the nerve cells will die more quickly. And if this continues Repetitive stress Until almost a daily routine The hippocampus in the brain shrinks. Causing dementia Including the ability to store new information Of the brain will decline

Concluded that the old story was forgotten. I do not remember the new story. If you think this is bad The bad news is that it’s still worse. Because it appears that the people around It was rewarded with the contraction of the hippocampus that follows. In metaphor, the stress is like the radiation emitted by a dangerous mineral. In addition to being able to corrode itself, it can also spread out, corroding the surrounding environment.

Therefore, living a life in a positive way, think positively, make yourself happy. And practice letting go Get away from stress. Therefore, it is not that it is only good for ourselves. But still good for the people around us Especially those we love as well