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Is Reality Yuwa more anxious than “Little Will”?

There were “Little Farewell” and “Xiao Huanxi” before and after the launch of the same series of “Little Will”, which aroused much attention and discussion.

Continuing the previous theme of “University and Family Relations”, “Small Willingness” focuses on the anxiety of “small promotion” in first-tier cities.

After the launch of “Little Willingness”, it attracted heated discussion from the public. The plot in the play is like a mirror, projecting the hearts of most parents in reality.

The bright performance hall and Xia Huanhuan’s beautiful singing won the championship. As the plot unfolds, the complex relationship between the characters gradually unfolds. The three ways that parents treat their children’s learning have aroused public debate.

Let’s talk about the three representative parents of “Little Willingness” below:

  1. Tian Yulan played by Jiang Xin, the mother of the chicken baby

At the beginning of the plot, Yan Ziyou tested 100 points in the classroom, and the optimistic mother Tian Yulan, dressed as if he were going to board a plane, wanted to go to the family dinner to enjoy the scenery.

Tian Yulan uses children to gain a sense of accomplishment because of her growth experience, and everything must be contested. In the face of her stepfather’s biological daughter, Nan Li, what she likes most is to use “Hyun Baby” to crush Nan Li.

The embarrassing thing was that when he was eating fruit, Tian Yulan almost made people breathless. The influence theory of fruit sugar content, the expression of the child’s silent expression, and the silent expression of the child, made people feel distressed.

All kinds of fancy show off the baby, or rather abuse the baby, let the son recite the 2,000-bit Pi rate is even more breathtaking…

Tian Yulan went to the class to please her mother-in-law so that her son could enter the gold medal class, and publicly apologized to Teacher Zhong in class. That paragraph of apology: “If it’s not for the children, whoever wants to fight with all his face and face and earn his life is the same.”

“Being a mother can endure hardship, suffer, and be wronged for the sake of the child.” “As long as it is related to the child, no parent can always maintain a sense of reason.” “Before being a parent, who has not been arrogant” “Children don’t understand anything. It’s just being forced by my mother and struggling, from early learning to late, the points I got from the test bit by bit,” the tears of tears resonated even more.

After choosing a few, Tian Yulan took Ziyou and said, “You will study harder in the future. If you study well, it will be the best return to your mother.”

“Mom is all for your own good.” Ziyou has no freedom. Under the education of her mother who only values ​​grades in the name of love, she becomes more and more silent.

  1. The intellectual family Nanli and Xia Junshan

The parents of the Buddhist School of Happy School advocate quality education, give their children a happy childhood, and not go to cram school.

Their parenting methods provide us with an educational reflection.

Reluctantly, the reality is not the case. Huanhuan failed in maths. Dad went into battle and tried his best to tutor the children in mathematics. In the next test, Huanhuan’s math scores were still not satisfactory. The couple did not put any pressure on the children, and tried every means to comfort the children.

Huanhuan was ridiculed at school for his poor grades and strongly urged to go to Mathematical Olympiad. Xia Junshan, who loves his daughter, had to agree to send it to tuition.

In order to prevent the children from being at the bottom, Chinese and English tuition classes were added again. Xia Junshan even considers the kindergarten son, who needs to be trained in advance.

In the end, the Buddhist parents also chose to compromise with reality. It seems to have forgotten the original intention overnight. What principles and persistence, as long as it concerns the child, no parent can hold it back.

  1. Mitao Family

Although Mi Tao’s family is not rich, she has talent and hard work.

The legendary “child of someone else’s family” should be Mi Tao.

She does not need to make up classes outside of school, does not need parental guidance, relying on self-study, often can get the first place in the class.

Parents always hope that their children will get better and better.

Although Mi Tao is good at math, due to lack of vision and knowledge, he is still a blank paper in the development of Chinese and English.

The parents eagerly reported the Mathematical Olympiad, Chinese, and English to Mi Tao.

Obviously, this expenditure is overloaded for their family.

But, as Ms. Mitao said: “How can parents hold back their children?”

The reality is so cruel. For rich people, no amount of lessons will be useful for children. People who don’t have money don’t even have the qualifications to attend classes.

  1. Where does the anxiety of raising a baby come from?

The representative families in “Little Willingness” range from intellectuals, middle-class families, to low-class families; from grandparents to parents and children, they are in anxiety for their children’s study.

Tian Yulan’s goal for his son is to enter Hanlin Middle School. This anxious mother fights Hanlin for her child. She does everything she can to earn money, manage and control it. She has to keep arranging learning for her child and let her fight hard. It is not easy for the “chicken baby” to send a mother to live. She goes to study Mathematical Olympiad, takes notes attentively, masters internal information, and studies information about entering higher education.

The parenting method of the Buddhist parents Xia Junshan and his wife is a clear stream in the “chicken baby” group. They insist on quality education and interest cultivation, and only apply for the vocal music class and the small host class. The children’s math scores always count down, and Huanhuan is hit hard. After several times in a row, the parents finally fell and used all their relationships to report to the class.

All this anxiety stems from “comparison.”

“Comparison” is the starting point for the creation of the play “Little Willingness”.

In the TV series, through this special big family-Nanjia, through the two “sister flowers” of Jiang Xin and Nan Li

The energy of “comparison” allows us to reflect on where does our children’s educational anxiety come from?

Producer Xu Xiaobo said: “Many people will experience’comparison’ in their growth, and perhaps the most difficult thing is’comparison.’ Some so-called anxiety, psychological imbalance, and out-of-control mentality, etc., often start with those around them. ‘Comparative’. If you are in a’comparative environment’ and still maintain a good attitude, life will become happier.”

  1. Is “Little Willing” anxious about sales?

Educational issues have always been close to the lives of the people. The selection of “Little Willingness” has caught the social pain points, and 90% of the material in the novel is real.

The anxiety in reality is far more than this. In order for the children to go to a good school, the old school district’s housing is speculating at sky-high prices; the children who rush to make up classes a week have almost no rest, and it is more difficult than Ziyou. To talk about anxiety, there are more people than TV shows!

“Little Will” does not amplify anxiety, but stings social pain points.

How to deal with anxiety during parenting

Anxiety comes from the fear of uncertainty. Children are different from what we expect. We will be angry if we are worried about their future; blind comparisons, messy information, excessive intervention and protection can easily make us anxious.

For a sense of security, we hope to become as good as we expect by controlling our children. We mistakenly believe that reducing uncertainty can reduce anxiety. But actually amplify anxiety and increase the difficulty of solving. This caused us to lose control of our emotions and tortured each other with our children.

Anxiety just stays in place. Even if some problems that make us anxious do happen, the first thing to do is to calm down, not to stay on the anxiety, and to focus on how to solve the problem.

Through which refinement goals, take a long time, don’t expect all-the-all-out, fast-acting guidelines. Some changes are not an overnight thing, but a lasting process.

Although it is normal for people to have anxiety, our lives cannot be left with anxiety. Moderate anxiety is a kind of attention, it should not be pain.

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