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The genius doctor abandoned concubine: Evil King, don’t pester me!

The genius doctor abandoned concubine: Evil King, don’t pester me!
Other names: 神医弃妃:邪王,别缠我!
Author:  Sister Xiaorong
Genre: Novel, Crossing Overhead
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Others traveled through the fragrant and drank spicy food, but Su Banxia traveled through became a rotten-looking cousin in the Nan’an Palace. Can’t eat enough to wear warm, open your eyes are full of dark arrows, poisoning, assassination! The cold-faced husband is not favored, and the white lotus concubine is framed. Su Banxia roared at the sky. “My old lady is the best detoxifier in the 21st century anyway, how can I be stunned by you.”

From then on, she has only one goal, whoever doesn’t let her live, she won’t let that person feel better! Who knows that an arrogant man was staring at him halfway through the road? The daylight scene was just right, and someone put her in the corner, smiling evilly. “Auntie, it’s the beginning of spring again, it’s time to


Chapter 1 It’s my king who disturbed the princess’ good deeds
Chapter 2 Marrying Concubine
Chapter 3 The prince, the princess is poisoned
Chapter 4 If you don’t want to be discovered, just listen to me
Chapter 5 What a Beautiful White Lotus
Chapter 6 I jumped into the water myself, how?
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