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How Sheng Chumu defeated the Lu family and his son?

Concubine Yan explained to the queen the reason for taking in Fu Rou, so as to save the queen from guessing. Concubine Han lost her eldest brother, and the queen ordered Wei Song to give the newly tributed white jade Ruyi to Princess Han. She was afraid that Princess Han would be too sad, hurt the liver and lungs, and affect fertility. She also gave the newly-made lung and liver pill made by the Imperial Medical Office. Give Princess Han a bottle. “Li Ge Xing”

Fu Rou didn’t eat or drink all day long. Zhou Wang couldn’t move Fu Rou. He was so angry that he took a sip of the medicine and poured it into Fu Rou’s mouth. Sheng Chumu saw that Yan Zifang saved him and had nothing to do. Yan Zifang did not hide with Sheng Chumu, but frankly and frankly, fancy Sheng Chumu’s nameplate of General Dingyuan. Yan Zifang’s spies found the Destiny Nine Gangs. Yan Zifang did not want Sheng Chumu to be involved in the pirate dispute. After he tied up Sheng Chumu, he went to deal with the Destiny Nine Gangs. Sister Ma Hai changed the dressing of Sheng Chumu, and Sheng Chumu did not want to touch Sister Ma Hai.

Zhou Wang asked Fu Rou to drink it. Fu Rou was afraid that Zhou Wang would still be the same as before. Fu Rou begged Zhou Wang to let her see Sheng Chumu’s tomb, and Zhou Wang agreed. The crown prince told Sun Lingwei that Yuexin had been bought in two months, and the imperial doctor had her pulse, and she was happy in all likelihood, and Sun Lingwei was happy to be pregnant for her sister. The prince and Chen Ji went to the river to fish. Chen Ji saw the prince’s face full of joy and saw that the prince had a happy event. The prince did not hide from Chen Ji, saying that the prince was happy. When Fu Rou came to Sheng Chumu’s tomb, Zhou Wang told Fu Rou that Sheng Chumu’s body had not been found. Fu Rou wanted to be alone, so she dismissed Zhou Wang.

Sheng Chuling talked about her eldest brother with Princess Xin Nan. Princess Xin Nan would not comfort people, so she said that she would always be with Sheng Chuling. Yan Zifang snatched the property of the Nine Desperate Gang. Sheng Chumu didn’t like Yan Zifang’s method of eating black and didn’t want to get along with Yan Zifang, who was a pirate.

Yan Zifang and Sheng Chumu talked about their family background, and the two found that they had something in common. The enemy of Lu Yunji, but Yan Zifang put forward the idea of ​​Zhaoan, Sheng Chumu did not give a specific reply. Lu Yunji returned triumphantly after winning the battle. When Sheng Chujun saw Lu Yunji, who was fascinating, and wanted to avenge his eldest brother, Sheng Chuling stopped Sheng Chujun. Lu Qi gave Lu Yingying a pearl gown, and Lu Yingying liked it very much.

Fu Rou was in a bad mood and didn’t want to work, so she handed it over to others. When the princess saw Fu Rou with a thin face, she asked Shuangxi to give Fu Rou a bottle of Rong Yang Dan. Fu Rou didn’t want to accept the princess’s wishes, so the princess said what she was happy about. Lu Yunji took the admissions to visit Lu Guogong, told Sheng Xiaojing about Sheng Chumu’s glorious deeds, and also shrugged off the responsibility of Sheng Chumu’s death on the battlefield. Sheng Xiaojing was proud of Sheng Chumu on the face, secretly Remind Lu Yunji that people are watching the sky. Lu Yunji deliberately gave Sheng Xiaojing a basket of plums to comfort Sheng Xiaojing’s pain of losing his son.

Fu Rou saw the queen taking advantage of the crown prince’s joy, she wanted to choose Lu Yingying as the prince Liangdi, not wanting to make the Lu family strong, and deliberately told the queen that although Lu Yingying is as good as Jiang Zhuang, there is no perfect person in the world. God bestowed Jiang Zhuang beauty, but not his children. The queen felt that Fu Rou was right, and told Wei Song that in the future, the East Palace would choose another person without having to take a portrait of Lu Yingying.

Fu Rou was in a daze at the bird cage, and Zhou Wang came to talk to Fu Rou. Lu Yunji was successful in calming the chaos, and the emperor specially awarded him as Shang Shu Youpu shoot. Sheng Chumu hurried back to Chang’an on horseback to meet the emperor, and met Fu Rou by chance. Lu Yunji held a banquet with relatives and friends to celebrate his promotion to the right shot. Sheng Chumu told the emperor that Lu Yunji was not greedy enough to search for the officials’ money. He ordered to wash the city. Because he was an eyesore, he ordered him to bring only two hundred people into Anxishan to investigate the whereabouts of the rebels.

Unexpectedly, someone deliberately leaked his whereabouts. Let him be chased by a group of rebels, and finally fell into the sea with serious injuries. The emperor did not believe in Sheng Chumu’s one-sided words. Sheng Chumu presented the evidence of Lu Yunji’s crime. Sheng Chumu also told the emperor that Lu Qi was also involved and was responsible for searching the residences of rebel officials. The emperor ordered Lu Qi to arrest them.

Lu Yunji and Lu Qi were captured by the emperor’s men, and the officials who came to celebrate did not know what happened. Sheng Chumu returned to the Lu State Palace, first saw his parents, and then gathered with his family to celebrate his triumphant return in the evening. Seeing Fu Rou’s face full of joy, Yang Bai guessed that it had something to do with Sheng Chumu’s peaceful return. Fu Rou took the hairpin rewarded by Concubine Xi and asked Yang Bai to honor his sister-in-law.

Lu Hanxing bought the jailer and secretly told Lu Yunji and Lu Qi that it was Sheng Chumu who had spoken a lot of bad things about his uncle in front of the emperor. After receiving a confession from General You, he sent someone to Nine Pillars City to verify. Lu Yunji learned that the emperor was still there. Amidst his anger, he asked Lu Hanxing to contact several central ministers immediately and pledge his father and son jointly. Lu Yingying took out all the belongings and asked Lu Hanxing to save his father and brother.

The emperor complained to the queen that Lu Yunji entered the jail, not only did not reflect on it, but also asked his nephew Lu Hanxing to collude with the minister with the treasure, and the queen did not dare to speak. The emperor went on to say that he had ordered the seizure of the treasures looted by the Lu family and imprisoned Lu Hanxing. As for Lu Yunji and Lu Qi, they would never be merciless. Lu Yingying knelt at the gate of the palace, begging to see the emperor. The emperor was angry and did not see Lu Yingying. For his father and eldest brother, Lu Yingying would rather kneel and die at the gate of the palace to see the emperor.

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