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“Long Song Xing” Who is Falcon’s father?

The Long Ballad 長歌行

In “Long Song Xing”, Falcon’s life experience has always been a mystery. It is obvious that the Great Khan knew the truth of Falcon’s life experience, but he didn’t say it, which is very strange. Netizens who have read the comics should know that A Falcon is a Khitanese, and the Great Khan is his father-killer enemy. However, in the drama version, it seems that Falcon was changed to a native of the Central Plains, so the Great Khan has been reluctant to tell Falcon the truth, otherwise he might return to Central Plains. A Falcon can be called a god of war, so naturally he can’t let him go easily, but the Khan is currently framed by Yi Cheng, and he has already germinated the idea of ​​passing A Falcon.

Who is Falcon’s father?

A Falcon is the most beloved adopted son of the Great Khan. A Falcon began to fight at the age of nine and has been invincible for more than ten years. He has a high reputation in the Ashle family. As a result, Sheer was compared every time, so Ah Falcon, who was an adopted son, was more optimistic and hoped to inherit the position of the Great Khan. It was also expected that Yi Cheng would target Ah Falcon.

But since Falcon is the adopted son of the Great Khan, what is his real life experience? Only two people know the true life of Falcon so far. One is Falcon’s adoptive mother, Ai’er, but it is a pity that Falcon was back then. In order to save Changge, Ai’er was caught by Sheer. Sheer wanted to use Ai’er to insult Ah Falcon. Ai’er couldn’t bear the humiliation of his child and committed suicide.

The other person is the Great Khan. According to the original story, A Falcon’s father was the famous Khitan God of War. Unlike the Turks, the Khitan was relatively weak at that time. The Great Khan killed the Khitan God of War, so strictly speaking, the Great Khan was Ah Falcon’s father-killing enemy.

The truth about Falcon’s life experience

A Falcon discovered his life experience only after Li Changge went to Mobei. A Falcon’s life experience was the son of the Khitan God of War. Not only that, he also had a mother alive and a younger brother named Mohui. But it is a pity that when Falcon rushed to see his biological mother, it was a little late. All that Falcon saw was his mother’s body.

In the original work, Falcon found out about his life experience, and the Great Khan was very scared, so he decided to kill Falcon. Fortunately, there is Li Changge’s relationship with A Xuan and Ying Shi as the forwards for attacking Hui He. A Xuan knew that the Great Khan was not bad and kind, so he cooperated with Chang Ge’s uncle, the leader of Hui He. Hui He repelled the Great Khan’s army, so as to save the remaining power of the Eagle Division, and Ah Fal can only appear as a slave of Li Changge, the master of Mobei County.

This is the statement in the original book, and the life experience of Falcon in the TV series may change to some extent. Because of the war between Kuritai Afalcon and Sheer, Sheer was defeated, and the Great Khan scolded Sheer angrily. He also said that Sheer would hand over the grassland to the people of the Central Plains? What the Great Khan said made people very suspicious that Afalcon was in the TV series. Zhong’s life experience will not be from the Central Plains, right? But even if it is from the Central Plains, the settings of Falcon’s mother and brother shouldn’t change, and he will still abuse Falcon in the future.

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