Missy’s vest is off again

Missy’s vest is off again
Other names: 大小姐的马甲又掉了
Author: I’m Tao Xingxing
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: 2021
Status: 1456 Ongoing


She is the heir to the world’s top wealthy family. She was talented and intelligent since she was a child. Enlightened at the age of three, enrolled at the age of five, completed elementary education at the age of eight, completed secondary education at the age of twelve, graduated from university at the age of fifteen, in charge of countless family businesses, good at assassinations, hackers, in the family can be described as hoodwink. On the surface, she is a frail and sick lady who uses decoctions every day. In fact, she is indeed the largest shareholder of the family business. She has countless industries worldwide, stomping her feet, and the world is shaking.

On her eighteenth birthday, she learned of her life from her father. Her mother was imprisoned by her family and it was better to die, but her father could not save her because of a promise. She was angry. As a top boss standing on the top of the world, how could she allow a small family to jump in front of her? She returned to China in a rage, found her mother’s former enemy, rescued her mother, stomped on scum relatives, attacked snobbish grandparents, and tried to get justice for her mother.

I was going to rescue my mother and went back to continue to pretend to be her trash eldest lady, but I didn’t expect to be caught up by a shameless man. Fragment 1: “Jing’er, don’t leave, I don’t want to leave you!” A certain man said grievously. “You are a big man, it’s not that you haven’t been weaned, you can’t live without me?” she angered. “As long as I leave you for a minute, I will feel uncomfortable!” He looked at her affectionately, and opened his mouth. “…” She was speechless.


Chapter 1 Grand birthday
Chapter 2 The focus of the audience
Chapter 3 Weak Miss
Chapter 4 Lord Duke
Chapter 5 Return to Country Z
Chapter 6 Worship
Chapter 7 Meeting the Yan Family Patriarch
Chapter 8 Matching
Chapter 9 Chapter Arrangement
Chapter 10 Mother and Daughter Meet
Chapter 11 Discuss
Chapter 12 Heart-to-heart
Chapter 13 Conspiracy
Chapter 14 Arrangement
Chapter 15 Arrange Information
Chapter 16 Surgery
Chapter 17 Surgery
Chapter 18 Recognition