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Mouse: The Predator’ viewing point

Ahead of the release of the special edition drama’Mouse: The Predator’,’Mouse’ gave three more amazing’watching points’.

TVN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’ is an exciting narrative that bursts with shocking reversals one after another, and continues to win and win the box office, which is the number one tvN target of male and female 2049 viewership ratings. In the last broadcast, the Nazi country (Lee Seo-jun), who was attacked by Jeong Bar-reum (Lee Seung-gi), regained consciousness and urged Jeong Bar-reum to surrender.

After that, Goomchi (Lee Hee-jun) gave an immediate tension with the appearance of questioning the state of the Nazi country, which fell into shock again after Jeong Barum escaped from the hospital room.

Above all,’Mouse’ reveals’Mouse: The Predator’, a special edition drama that retraces the narrative that has passed through the point of view of the Predator, and provides clues to the remaining events, starting from realizing that Jeong Barum is a Predator. In this regard, in addition to the contents of’Mouse: The Predator’, we pointed out three points to watch.

  • One point of watching’Mouse: The Predator’. Jaehoon Jung, how did you become Jeongbareum?

In the play, Jeong Barum fell in shock after awakening to the incredible fact that the real Predator was not Sung Yo-han (Kwon Hwa-un). And it was revealed that Jung Jae-hoon was none other than Jeong Ba-reum as the young Jeong Jae-hoon (Kim Kang-hoon), who prayed earnestly, saying, “Please don’t become a monster,” and Jeong Bar-reum provoking the god “I am a god” overlap. What is the reason why Jeong Jae-hoon, who has been a psychopath since childhood, has been living with the right youth Jeong Bar-reum, and the past history of Jeong Bar-reum, which will be conveyed through’Mouse: The Predator’, is pouring out.

  • Two points to watch’Mouse: The Predator’. The entire story of the Kim Korea kidnapping case, full of doubts, is revealed!

The entire story of the kidnapping of Kim Korea, in which the Predator took Kim Korea as a hostage and held a hilarious kidnapping game against the entire people, is also revealed. Jeong Barum seemed to be a ally who gave full assistance near Gomuchi, but in fact, it was revealed that he was the predator who harmed Gomuchi’s brother Gomu-won (Kim Young-jae) and attacked Oh Bong-i (Park Joo-hyun) as the subject of the incident. How it was possible to make a goose bumpy double play that intimidates and assists Gumchi, and the hidden stories are contained in detail, making the home theater cool.

  • ‘Mouse: The Predator’ Part 2 Three points to watch. Bareum Jeong VS Yohan Sung, the chase in the rain and the murder of Junsung Kim

Bong-i’s grandmother (Kim Young-ok) sent a text message to Jeong Bar-reum after witnessing photos of the bodies lined up in the basement of Sung Yo-han’s house, and Sung Yo-han, who sensed Bong’s grandmother’s danger, immediately pursued the scene. Jeong Bar-reum, who was a real predator, and Sung Yo-han’s chase in the rain after the predator are read in a completely overturned perspective and are expected to induce a different fear. In addition, the story of the night that his friend Kim Joon-seong (Son Woo-hyun), who was helping Sung Yo-han, was murdered, was also released, giving another goose bump.

The production crew explained, “‘Mouse: The Predator’ is an extra piece prepared to match the remaining empty puzzle pieces and enjoy the remaining stories more interestingly.” Please look forward to the rest of the work.”

Meanwhile, the TVN Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’ special edition drama’Mouse: The Predator’ will air on the 28th and the second on the 29th at 10:30 pm.

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