Excerpts from the exciting passages of “Mr. Huo Divorce, Please Let Go”

But it is also a awning blade that can destroy all of them, and all changes will be unlucky.

In five years, she has changed a lot, and he must have changed a lot too.

Nian knows if he has changed, just do it once.

Facing the sudden embrace and hug, Huo Jinxing’s first reaction was to frown and take a step back.

Even he himself didn’t know why he would behave like this.

Relying on his power in Beicheng, let alone supporting a woman, even if there are several, others can’t say anything.


But he just thought he was awkward.

Pressing Wen Xiaoyin’s shoulders: “You are not in good shape, pay attention to your shape”

Even he himself thought that the reason was too far-fetched.

Yesterday morning, Wen Xiaoyin was in the ward from time to time exposing large areas of skin, and she almost stripped naked and walked up to him, but he had no response.

Huo Jinxing’s first response was comforted to Wen Xiaoyin.

“Okay, you have changed openly”

“Five years ago, you were all around me and kissed me automatically. Now I kiss you, are you not surprised?”

She stood in front of Huo Jinxing with her eyes down, her lower lip bite so much that she was not red, her appearance was pitiful, and the people were pained.

Huo Jinxing looked at her, but he seemed to be looking at another person through her.

When Shi Nian is reluctant, it has never revealed such a face.

She always listened and watched quietly, with an indifferent appearance, as if everything was related to her.

Even when he was tantrums at her, she was very impatient and smiled without complaint.

The absence of Wen Xiaoyin in front of him makes II upset.

But it was still patiently coaxing: “You are not in good shape.

Except for that reason, he couldn’t read the other.

Wen Xiaoyin plunged into his arms: “Be careful, I’m so scared, I’m afraid you don’t love me anymore”

Huo Jinxing has no language.