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Good night, Mr. Huo!

Good night, Mr. Huo!
Other names: 晚安,霍先生!
Author: First and Second of the Month
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


Gu Huan was born again, and she vowed that she would catch up with that man in this life, marry him and give him a monkey! She was so stupid and stupid in her last life, not to mention hurting him, she ended up betraying her and being hit and killed by a car! In this life, she has space in her hands, mean girls and scumbags? Who will clean up who!

At the age of 18, both career and love have a good harvest. Don’t treat her parents and brothers too well! What about the contradiction between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law? No! The only thing is that her mother-in-law’s unlimited love for her makes a man look jealous. Huo Jin said: “Gu Huan, you can only have me in your heart!” Gu Huan laughed, and kissed him on tiptoes: “My relatives and husband, who else can I have besides you?”


Chapter 1 Gu Huan, I Love You
Chapter 2 Rebirth
Chapter 3 Hooking up with him
Chapter 4 Regret
Chapter 5 (Good night, Mr. Huo!)
Chapter 6 (Good night, Mr. Huo!)
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