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Giant group favorite: Miss slaps her face every day

Giant group favorite: Miss slaps her face every day
Other names: 豪門團寵:大小姐每天都在打臉
Author: Baili Yunchu
Genre: Novel, Romance Crossing
Release: Unknown
Status: Chapter 209 Ongoing


There are rumors that the daughter of the Su family is a soil bun + a little sister + an illiterate, violent and violent. The person involved, Su Yun, laughed at this. There are also rumors that the once wise He Siyan was blinded by the titanium alloy eyes, and he continued to stick on the dog skin plaster Su Yun.

Therefore, the Yun Danfengqing woman became angry, saying that she could, but that she could not be a man! Exam champion, famous designer, game tycoon, well-known painter, business expert, all their identities were exposed, and everyone knew that the clown was themselves. So everyone understands that a woman who is a big brother can’t afford to offend, and a woman who is a big brother can’t afford it! A woman with a black heart and a stomach of bad water is the most unaffected!


Chapter 1 Rescue
Chapter 2 Disgusting
Chapter 3 I’m too lazy to tell you more
Chapter 4 Otherwise I will chop your hand
Chapter 5 This beauty is so cool
Chapter 6 I will never forget my life-saving grace
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