Delicious Fairy Wife

Delicious Fairy Wife
Other names: 美味仙妻
Author: Chen Yuhua
Genre: Novel, Romance Novels
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


He gave her half of his heart, hoping to use this as a guide,
and the red line between the two will be connected again!

How short is the miss?

Yuan Bi didn’t know, from the god of heaven to the prince of the world, it seemed like a blink of an eye, and as if it were eternal life. He lost his beloved wife, went to Qiongbi and fell to Huangquan, vowing to find her back!

The girl I met on the road, the porridge she made was so fragrant that she reminded him of the good cooking skills his beloved wife had trained for him. At first he thought it was a coincidence, but countless delicious dishes and various details proved that
he lost half of it. The heart is finally found!

How long is the forgetting?

Xing didn’t know. As a daughter of the Changping Houfu, she knew that she had lost some memories and
couldn’t determine who she was, but it didn’t prevent her from living well. The whole family became the laughingstock of the capital, and the Hou Mansion fell into disarray. She led the whole family back to the hometown to discuss life, buy a house, store shops, make food, and earn money. Everything went on in an orderly manner. The only accident was that expensive prince, following the road. after a chance encounter he became her home neighbor, not only every few days urging her guest home, she met the assassin can appear timely relief,
began eating vinegar is turned upside down, amazingly, she felt him so familiar ……