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Farmhouse Chongxi Little Jiao Niang

Farmhouse Chongxi Little Jiao Niang
Other names: 农家冲喜小娇娘
Author: Rong Er
Genre: Novel, History
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


Pre-life, she is the richest woman in the dignified Chinese nation, and a well-known drug research and development expert. I never expected that I would die in a mudslide. opened her eyes again, she crossed to the lonely peasant girl. For her big brick house, the auntie sold her to a sick child who died soon as a Chongxi bride. Marry, marry, right? What’s wrong with this? She has no parents or mothers, and her best relatives still come to find fault. She hasn’t seen any big storms before the wind is light, and she can still be frightened by a few craps? She punched scumbags, kicked the scumbag, made a fortune and went to a well-off life, and raised a beautiful man as her husband by the way, and made life better and better!


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