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Gold Medal Production: Pick a Boss to Be Your Husband

Gold Medal Production: Pick a Boss to Be Your Husband
Other names: 金牌制作:捡个boss做老公, Gold Medal Production: Pick a Boss to Be Your Husband
Author: Lemon Big 1
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Chapter 689 The Finale


Gu Liang was killed in a car accident in his last life. In the entertainment industry in this life, she is known as a gold medal producer. In the eyes of other people, she is cold and unsympathetic, no one understands and no one cares. But until she saved someone in the heavy rain, from then on, her heart was tightly imprisoned by him. It doesn’t matter if the parents don’t care for the sister, it doesn’t matter, she has the wealthy mother-in-law to care for and the sister-in-law to take care of. The scumbag doesn’t like it or not, but has her husband to spoil him. She has a bad temper, it doesn’t matter, as long as she is gentle with herself; in this life, Ye Jingchen, he wants to spoil Gu Liang to let others know that she is loved by someone in Gu Liang.


Chapter 1 Rebirth after Betrayal
Chapter 2 You are not worthy!
Chapter 3 Picking Up Individuals
Chapter 4 Disagree
Chapter 5 Ye Jingchen? Ye Lingchen!
Chapter 6 I don’t bring it!
Chapter 7 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 8 worthy?
Chapter 9 Return to you!
Chapter 10 is over to you!
Chapter 11 Dispute
Chapter 12 (Gold Medal Production)
Chapter 13 (Gold Medal Production)
Chapter 14 (Gold Medal Production)
Chapter 15 (Gold Medal Production)
Chapter 16 Adulterer?
Chapter 17 Office Sound Insulation Is Not Good
Chapter 18 (Gold Medal Production)
Chapter 19 (Gold Medal Production)
Chapter 20 (Gold Medal Production)
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