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I see the Milky Way

I see the Milky Way
Other names: 我见银河
Author:  Yun Nayue
Genre: Novel, Romance Novel
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


The youth of the sweet first love series, a fruity sprouting encounter.

“——Xingxing, are you and Sheng Yi in a relationship?”

A mischievous love letter that completely exposes the hidden beauty of the beautiful girl Yu Xing…

“You give me a kiss and I help you find the place, how about it?”

“Sorry, I have someone I like… Sheng Yi-senpai, I have liked him for a long, long time!”

“Really? By coincidence, I am Sheng Yi.”

Sheng Yi, the mysterious senior of Lintian High School, who is not close to any stranger, is actually willing to look down on a day-student primary school girl for the first time?

“The recent love letters written by school girl Z are perfunctory.”


“Do you think I should send flowers once a day, or is it more sincere three times a day? When that happens, everyone will know that my heart for school girls can be learned from the sun and the moon.”

The first time I saw it, it was like a glimpse of Jinghong, my heart was thinking.

From now on, I want to hold hands with you for a long, long time together.


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