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Rebirth of a wealthy wife

Rebirth of a wealthy wife
Other names: 重生豪门贵妻
Author: Lihua Xueluo
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


In the previous life, she was clearly supposed to be the lady of the sky, but she died unexpectedly. After rebirth, she became a small family and an abandoned fiancé. A joke that a small family is incompetent with a wealthy and abandoned son? Do not! Not only did she take her fiance to fly, and swell the faces of those who watched jokes, but she also wanted to return all the hatreds of her previous life! It’s just… why is there something wrong? What about the wealthy and abandoned sons? Who are you, the one who tramples the world high above your feet?


Chapter 1 Leading to Death
Chapter 2 She’s Reborn
Chapter 3 Cuckold
Chapter 4 Funeral Site
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