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Stop mocking “Shanghai Ladies”

The article “Hidden Shanghai Ladies” can be said to have stirred up waves with a single stone, and the topic was immediately rioted. The Internet was even more ridiculed by these women who put together orders, and even tracked any five-star hotels. Photo on the social platform, and leave a comment below “Catch a Shanghai Ladies”.

Yesterday, a small partner poked me and asked me to comment on this so-called “Shanghai celebrity” incident. I thought about it and only popped out the words “Nothing to blame.” If it is said that “Shanghai celebrities” really have any original sins, it is only because of this material desire, not consumption is caused by the public opinion of the time I am sorry.

It’s not me who is wrong, but the world
In the recent actor please take their place, I saw a familiar figure-Xiao Si. Why is he still here? Yes, why, there are really only seven seconds in the memory of society, he is the unbeatable Xiaoqiang and the unsteamed copper pea. Guo Jingming has made the youth pain literature popular by himself, and has also attracted thousands of young boys and girls to pursue the weird values ​​of the young era. I was deeply regretful that I had watched a movie in the young era. I couldn’t sit still for five minutes and then I got up and thought about it. I caught a glimpse of the crowds in the back row with red eyes, and sat down. After all, the fact that the ticket has been paid is also true. Makes me want to cry.

So why is Guo Jingming still so active after so many years? How many people scold him, as many people love him, love the illusory world of drunken gold fans. Consumerism has also appeared in a timely manner to add to the bricks: Women are sorry if they don’t consume. When does the self-love of women turn into how many lipsticks to buy in a month? Men who don’t consume for women means they don’t love their partners. The couple’s wallets must be harvested and never let go! This kind of bluffing strategy combined with live broadcast anytime and anywhere seems to really make a lot of you and me in it. He thinks that being good to yourself is to add a famous brand, and to leave high-end clubs, even if it is a social animal, there is also an exquisite selfie. , Otherwise I’m sorry for such a tall Jiang Jing desk.

In this way, “Shanghai ladies” are at least sensible consumption, not too much to spend their savings to pay off debts, they at least know how to use the single economy to squeeze a handful of capitalist wool. This is much higher than the “Moonlight Clan” that appeared more than ten years ago. You see, hasn’t society improved? I didn’t make myself unable to make ends meet, I just put together the order, maybe I completed the value exchange at a reasonable price, and also earned clicks. I explored all the major luxury hotels in the store, exquisite afternoon tea, and three-dimensional evaluation. All kinds of luxury cars and matching outfits, multi-level and diversified unpacking of major brand bags and luxury goods, it is a full coverage of clothing, food, housing and transportation, giving you the ultimate viewing experience.

There is nothing wrong with satisfying one’s desires
The Internet has criticized the “Shanghai Ladies” for worshiping money. Yes, they are indeed worshipping money, just like most of us. If we look at the term money worship from a neutral point of view, in fact, the pursuit of wealth is money worship, and the bitterness when the purse is deflated is also money worship. Buying and buying with live omg is also worshipping money. We are looking forward to pursuing more than the necessary products, most of which originated from worshiping money.

There used to be a good TV series called “Zhu Zui Jin Fan”. I haven’t read the original novel of Zhang Henshui, just because “Shanghai Ladies” thought of the three women in the play. Yuan Yuan stayed away from Fengyue in the end. It is admirable to join the war, but Dongfang Manli can’t say what it is when he floats in the smoky social field. The two just chose a different path. When there is sunshine and white snow, there are people from the lower Liba, but they are opposite. Say nothing. And I think Tian Peizhi’s sin is more due to her greed for extravagance and desirability and abandoning her family. If she is also alone, she doesn’t have to look forward and backward for a lifetime, and she has to keep her reputation and enjoy the good fortune.

The staggering behaviors of the “Shanghai celebrities” are nothing more than breaking through the imagination of most people. I can’t imagine that the high-end goods or services that I buy at full price can be easily obtained in this way of ordering. I laugh at these “celebrities.” “To put it bluntly, I’m just disappointed that the good house, car, and view that I have exposed have been bought at a high price, and I will say grape sour mentality without eating grapes.

If you really like the psychological pleasure of a good house, a car, and a beautiful scenery and its own functions, then you should not feel resentful because the “ladies” have only bought the appearance of things at a discounted price. The people who are so depressed and verbally criticized are just being poked to the pain point, exposing the fact that they have actually purchased completely unnecessary things. These external substances themselves do not bring them happiness. The moment of happiness is only from “I The moment when it becomes “I have” and the moment when it is posted on social networks and aroused praise.

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