Ten sins

Ten sins
Other names: 十宗罪, Ten Deadly Sins
Author: Spider
Genre: Novel, Other Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


What kind of people are written in this article?

It writes: police, rape and murderer, disfigurement, thieves, transvestites, non-mainstream teenagers, corpse shredders, tramps, gamblers, kidney sellers, perverted killers, perverts, beggar bosses, mental patients, one day People who kneel on the street until night…

From God’s point of view, these people are also our brothers, sisters, parents, husband and wife, and children. I will gather them into my arms, like a cactus ball, gather flower buds, and then present the darkness in my hands to the world. I use blood-stained language and rusty text to draw nourishment from the forgotten paving stones stepped on every day to complete this book that will sell well in both hell and heaven.