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The Almighty Girl Is Spoiled By The Boss

The Almighty Girl Is Spoiled By The Boss
Other names: 
Author: Yu Jianyang
Genre: Novel, Drama, Romance
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


The dim room. Qin Sheng opened her eyes, she could still feel the tingling in her heart.

Not long ago, a knife was stuck there. She could not forget the feeling of the sharp blade piercing her heart, the dense colic burrowed into her heart, piercing her bone marrow. Lying on the ground, her blood was constantly draining, and her breathing became more and more difficult.

The last glance was Qin Churou, who was also lying on the ground, with canthus eyes. Qin Churou died, Qin Sheng pulled the knife out of her heart, stab her, and chose to die with her. Qin Churou, once the sister of Qin Sheng’s heart, was also the most trusted person in the world. Of course, it was her who squeezed her value out, and finally wanted her life.


Chapter 1 Rebirth
Chapter 2 Back To H City
Chapter 3 Stocks
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