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The first undercover in the Southern Song Dynasty

The first undercover in the Southern Song Dynasty
Other names: 南宋第一卧底-得间精修
Author: Long Yuan
Genre: Novel, history
Release: Unknown
Status: 3583 Ongoing


In the 16th year of Jiading in the Southern Song Dynasty, Shen Mo, a modern undercover undercover agent, began to play Jiangshan Sheji in the palm of his hand. Countless conspiracies, malicious schemes, and ruthless moves spouted out of his hands. His modern criminal investigation techniques have repeatedly broken the strange cases of the Southern Song Dynasty, and his espionage skills have abused Liao and Jin’s secret spies. When the invincible Mongolian iron cavalry rolled over, the steel division he trained head-on smashed the Mongolian iron cavalry that swept the world! Replenishing the sky with only one hand, and fighting the sky, this is a war of one person against one era! …


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