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Fall in Love with Special Forces

Fall in Love with Special Forces Novel
Other names: 愛上特種兵 小說
Author: Origami Ant
Genre: Novel, Romance, Action, modern military
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


N city scientist Xia Guangyuan’s daughter Xia Chu, after graduating from the medical university, insisted on going to the G city military area hospital for an internship. When she first arrived in the G city shopping mall, she married Liang Muze, a major commander of the G military area special brigade. Driven by interests, the leader of the drug cartel “Master” sent his subordinate Pei Yu to counter Xia Guangyuan. Pei Yu pretended to be his twin brother Zhuoran, and appeared next to Liang Muze and Xia Chu as his first love boyfriend, causing a series of incidents.

In the process of facing these difficult events together, Liang Muze and Xia Chu appreciate each other and gradually fall in love, but faced with the warning of their elders “cannot fall in love with the special forces” and the love offensive of the return of their first love “boyfriend”, the two have a bumpy relationship. In the end, Liang Muze and our forces behind them worked together to see through the conspiracy of the fake “Zoo Ran” and wiped out the “Master” gang. In a beautiful afternoon, Liang Muze and Xia Chu also harvested a happy love.


Chapter 1 (Dear Armored Novel)
Chapter 2 (Dear Armored Novel)
Chapter 3 (Dear Armored Novel)
Chapter 4 (Dear Armored Novel)
Chapter 5 (Dear Armored Novel)
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