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What do I need to prepare? If you have to drive a long distance travel.

First of all, the fun of traveling is mainly due to your traveling companions, study your preferences and dislikes before planning your trip. After that, there must be a study of the path. Which route is the most convenient and safe How much distance Where should I stop by? To calculate the budget for various expenses Whether it is accommodation cost Entrance fees, food, gas, etc. If you go as a gang Should have a pot of money To bring to spend.

In addition, before driving a long distance, always prepare the vehicle first, such as checking engine oil Lubricant, distilled water, radiator water, air tires and brake systems in a ready-to-use condition. At the same time, it must Check the system for lighting and battery to be ready to use. If you have to drive at night Or drive through the fog Fog lights and taillights are very important to keep your distance from the vehicle in front. Equally important is Always have supplies and drinking water in the car. In case of unforeseen events such as traffic jams, including car insurance To help pay heavy installments to be light when an accident occurs.

For anyone without knowledge of the engine It should take the car to the center to check according to distance and other systems such as tires, engines, power systems, liquids in the car because the car is brought into the center, in addition to letting us know the current condition of the car. Also get a free car wash as well.

Before the day of travel, it should be ready to use gas. And filling up a full tank from Bangkok Go ahead and get a cheaper price to fill in other provinces. Because there will be additional fuel transportation costs, in addition, emergency equipment should be prepared in the vehicle, such as a spare tire jack, a flashlight and a battery terminal.

Only this friendly people traveled to various places. Comfortably More importantly Where are you going to be during this time? Don’t forget to wear a surgical mask or cloth mask. Wash your hands with soap or an alcohol gel wash. And social distance For the safety of COVID-19, everyone.

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