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The drunk blacksmith sleeps into a husband

The drunk blacksmith sleeps into a husband
Other names: 灌醉铁匠睡成夫
Author: Zhu Qing
Genre: Novel, Romance Novels
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


The little lady is shy and spoiled by a man, she wants to marry him immediately; the husband is upright, facing the woman’s squeamishness, just wants to tie her home.

At the age of nine, Du Wanfu was sold as a child bride, and at the age of seventeen, she became a widow.
Fortunately, she had some silver in her hand and knew how to make wine. After being kicked out of her husband’s house, she decided to find a small town and open a tavern, and then she lived on her own.

Originally, she had nothing to do with the handsome blacksmith next door. She only heard that his family was wealthy when he was a child, and his family property was taken away when his parents suddenly passed away. He survived all the way by eating Baijiafan, but now they have the ability, but they don’t. Worry about silver, most of them are little girls who want to marry him.

Du Wanfu knew that she had no dowry and was a widow. She did not expect to marry again in this life, but
she wanted to have a child to accompany her. She simply borrowed the courage from the sky, and ran to seduce the blacksmith in the middle of the night and hooked him to bed , who was drunk. However, the blacksmith is young and strong, and she can’t stop all night after tossing her, and teaches Du Wanfu her legs to tremble when she climbs out of the bed.

She knew that Gao Climb couldn’t make it, and she didn’t ask the blacksmith to be responsible. What makes his bed difficult to climb, she dares to climb into his bed, then he can only marry her. Du Wanfu thought, Lu Hengqing must be crazy, there are many innocent girls in the small town who want to marry her!


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