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Benefit of Brown Sugar

Brown sugar refers to the product obtained from boiling sugar cane juice. Simmer until thick, let it dry, then ground to crumble.

Brown sugar is unbleached sucrose. It is a fine powder or it may clump together. They are light brown to dark with high humidity. (0.7-3. Percent) is produced by simmering sugarcane juice to evaporate and crystallize (crytallization) in an open pan evaporator or vacuum pan. Sucrose crystals are coated with sucrose crystals. Molasses contain a small amount of invert sugar, minerals.

  • Brown sugar is hot and has a sweet taste. Has properties to help nourish.
  • Helps to make the blood flow more easily.
  • Help relieve pain
  • For women during menstruation, exposed to cold Have menstrual pain Lower abdominal or waist pain Menstrual wedge Drinking a glass of water mixed with warm brown sugar can make it more comfortable.

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