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Mrs. Nian, the wife said she didn’t want to be a stand-in

Mrs. Nian, the wife said she didn’t want to be a stand-in
Other names: 年总,夫人说她不想当替身
Author: Ning Qingnianxun
Genre: Novel
Release: 2021
Status:  Chapter 308 Ongoing
Male lead: Nian Xin
Female lead: Ning Qing


A mysterious car accident resulted in bed rest for three years. After Ning Qing woke up, she learned two things. One is that her twin sister was killed in a car accident three years ago. The other is that she has been married as a wife, and the other party is the eldest son of the great merchant Nian’s family in Yancheng. He treated her as a substitute for her sister, cruelly torturing her, and red eyes saying that he loved her. At first, Ning Qing wanted to divorce him, but later he indulged in his specious preference. Until, she stood outside the wedding scene between him and another woman. The heart is ashamed, nothing is better than this. She wanted to escape, but was unwilling to fulfill his future life. So, she was in the media…


Chapter 1: As you can see, I want a divorce
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