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Princess Almighty’s vest is off

Princess Almighty’s vest is off
Other names: 全能王妃的马甲掉啦
Author: Feng Qingtian
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


She is a graceful daughter of the Hou Mansion, but she does not know people clearly, so she hurts herself and loses him; he is an orphan of the clan with deep thoughts, but he prefers to be tied to her, preferring to love her once he die. Until-she has come again, no longer want to hide the scorching wind, vowing to stay with him for life, never give up; he is awake from nightmares, but wants to distance herself from her. Later-when she proved her intentions, when he confirmed his love, those pasts will no longer be hindrances, this life is destined to never be separated! …


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