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The strongest player who descended from the wilderness

The strongest player who descended from the wilderness
Other names: 洪荒降临之最强玩家
Author: King
Genre: Novel, Fantasy
Release: 2020
Status: Ongoing


“The Strongest Player in the Desolation” 1: Rebirth to the beginning of the predecessor game, Ye Chen, with the memory of five years in the previous life, leads everywhere and dominates the tribe of the Lich. The Star Bead that can be 100% synchronized with the game’s reality ability? mine! Natural treasures, top-level exercises, god-level village building orders, famous historical generals, historical beauties, animation beauties, martial arts beauties are all mine! Introduction 2: Holding the Secret Treasure Star Orb, gather heaven and earth fortune, build the supreme fortune dynasty, cast the sacred heaven, so far go wild, grab merit, seek fortune…


Chapter 1 Rebirth
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