Palm pet

Palm pet
Other names: 掌心宠
Author: XIE
Genre: Novel
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


The five girls in
Lin’an Bofu are born to be a good destiny . The elders love their husbands and their husbands, and their life is sweet as honey.

To say that the best girl in Beijing , Tong Fuyue , the five girls in Lin’an Bofu , is obviously the father of the concubine and the mother. The younger brother is often away, but she lives better than anyone else. Before she came out of the cabinet, she was brought up by her grandmother. She did not grow her into a greenhouse flower

when she was pampered. After marrying, she can handle the difficult princess wife with ease. the mother, not the slightest strive, when it comes to her family husband is a poor baby, the mother was banished wife concubine, he has become a bastard from the heir-apparent, finally on a good marriage but was out in the separation into marriage, made clear to It embarrassed him.

Fortunately, if he didn’t speak, he was already a blockbuster. In one fell swoop , he became a Tanhua Lang in high school and entered the Imperial Academy. With the support of her wife, a good family and a decent wife, the couple quickly received attention,
but everything Slowly develop in a good direction, and when a happy life is just around the corner,
the cousin who is staying in her natal family suddenly said, “Your marriage is what I think in my heart”……


Chapter 1 – Chapter 3 Palm pet