Five schoolgirl goddesses blocked the door and called my dad!

Five schoolgirl goddesses blocked the door and called my dad!
Other names: 五个校花女神堵门叫我爸!
Author: Cupid’s Arrow
Genre: Novel, Urban Life
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


On the university campus, Su Chen thought that the goddess of the school flower would confess to him, but he did not expect that the goddess would call him father in public! It turned out that 19 years ago, when he was drunk and walking at night, he was dragged into the alley by police flower Lin Wanxue and rolled the sheets. What was even more shocking was that he actually let Lin Wanxue have five treasures! She gave birth to five daughters, each of whom was an 18-year-old girl who had just grown up!

Ever since, he started a daily life of sweet pet living with five schoolgirl daughters and child mother Lin Wanxue. And the selection system is bound. As long as you make a choice easily, you can get a variety of rewards. Holding her daughter in circles, 100,000 in a circle! Live with her daughter and reward the Elfa seven-seater nanny car worth 1.5 million! Cooperate with her daughter in acting, and reward an introductory martial arts exchange card! …


Chapter 1 The Imperial College Flower Calls My Dad!
Chapter 2 Doing a DNA Paternity Test
Chapter 3 Shocked! I have a quintuplet daughter!
Chapter 4 It feels so good to have a daughter
Chapter 5 Stock Investment Card
Chapter 6 Five daughters, shocked! One Five Outstanding! Niu niu niu
Chapter 7 Daughter wants to live with me!
Chapter 8 Daughter was bullied, Su Chen was angry and wanted to support her daughter