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Jelly Eye … Why is it important?

The eye is the vital organ of the body that helps us see better images than any other narrative. “Ten mouths that are not as eyes to see.” No one would deny that sight makes our lives more enjoyable. A large number of people do not have the opportunity to see because of a visual disability. Nowadays, it is found that there are more and more people with eye disease and can be found in all sexes and ages. Whether it is myopia, farsightedness, cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration. And the deterioration of the vitreous water, etc.

Vitreous water is one of the important elements of the eye. It looks like a clear gel in the center of the eye. Contains about 2/3 of the eye’s volume. It is important in helping to maintain and keep the eye in shape. In people at birth, the vitreous liquid looks like an egg white, but as it grows, the vitreous will gradually become more viscous like agar or gel.

That the human eye can see the picture Caused by light from an object passing through the cornea. The path of light passes through the water in the anterior opening of the eyeball through the vitreous lens, vitreous vitreous, and retina or retina respectively The retina contains rod cells, which are sensitive to light, and cone cells that distinguish different colors and nerve cells that carry nerve impulses to the fibers. The nerves of the second cranial nerve and sent to the cerebrum cerebrum to translate into visual images.

People with symptoms of macular degeneration tend to see this dark shadow or spider web clearly when in a bright place or looking at a wall, a bright area, or a white scene, such as reading a letter on paper, for example. This medical practice is not a disease, is not dangerous, and there is no cure People who are often annoyed Which will soon adapt and get used to For those at risk from vitreous deterioration to retinal detachment or posterior vitreous detachment; PVD), the occurrence of lightning flashes (flashing) occurs in both dark and bright places.

Because the vitreous fluid and the retina are attached to each other. Some are loosely attached to each other, some are tightly adjacent. Especially at the edge of the retina Sediment in vitreous water may pull the retina. This causes stimulation and sends nerve signals to the brain, interpreted as lightning flashes in the eyes. If severe, this can cause the retina to be pulled hard and tear and can cause bleeding in the vitreous. Resulting in blurry vision Retinal detachment is caused by vitreous fluid flowing out of the retinal rupture and causing the retina to peel away from the retina wall. Makes the eyes blurred even more. And when looking at the edges of the image disappear Or a narrow field of vision.

Usually, seeing lightning flashes is a symptom of neurological problems, such as migraine pain.People see lightning in both eyes 20-30 minutes before the headache begins. But seeing lightning caused by retinal detachment does not have a headache associated with it.

People at risk for vitreous degeneration are those with very myopia, those who have previously had inflammation or infection in the eyeball. People who have had a severe eye injury People who have had cataract surgery. People with vitreous peeling or retinal detachment. And people with a family history of vitreous degeneration or retinal detachment In addition to those people in this group who are at risk. Nowadays, it is also found that people who use too much eyesight from computer use, whether children or adults Or those who work in some professions that require a lot of eyesight, for example Jewelers There is a chance as well.

Initial care if you notice more dark shadows or spider webs, unusual eyesight, more blurred vision, or a combination of lightning. Need to see an ophthalmologist And always check that the visual field is narrowed or abnormal or not. By the way, use your hands to cover your eyes one by one and look straight ahead approximately 3-4 meters in the distance to find a landmark (point to focus) without rolling your eyes back and forth. Observe how much of the field of vision (the field of vision). If the field of vision narrows A tear of the retina may also occur. If there is a retinal tear, it must be treated with a laser to prevent retinal detachment. Which if left without treatment You may have the right to blind and live in a dark world.

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