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Tan Songyun’s new drama is here again, the male lead is still a “little milk dog”

Tan Songyun’s new drama is here again. Hello, everyone. Speaking of female celebrities who are 30+ but still look like girls, who do you think of? The editor will definitely think of Tan Songyun, because she is definitely a “frozen age goddess”, she is over 30 years old, and she has a round face with a baby fat, and her skin is in such good condition, which really makes female audiences envy and hate it. .

Recently, Tan Songyun’s acting resources are very good. Now in the popular TV series “Brilliant Heart Like Jade”, Tan Songyun plays the role of Eleven Niang, and Zhong Hanliang staged a scene of love between young and old after marriage. It really makes audience friends. They are concerned. According to online news, Tan Songyun has another TV series coming, it is “You are the boy who likes”. The filming of this series has been finished, and it will be broadcast soon to meet audience friends.

“The Teenager You Like” mainly talks about the love story between the basketball little wolf dog and the rich and beautiful young lady. The rich and beautiful young lady played by Tan Songyun is called Tu Qianqian. She is 21 years old and is starting an e-commerce business. She only knows to make money all day long. Later, she met a little boy in the basketball department, so the two started a sweet and funny sibling. Love story.

The male protagonist is still a “little milk dog” And the “Little Wolf Dog” in “The Boy I Like” is played by Wang Hedi. Wang Hedi’s basketball “little wolf dog”, 18 years old, loves basketball and only has basketball in his eyes. He has always dreamed of entering the CBA. Later, after meeting Tu Qianqian, he felt that life not only has basketball, but also needs love, so he launched a love attack. Finally won the heart of Tu Qianqian.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Wang Hedi has appeared in the TV series of “Sister and Brother Love”. Before, Wang Hedi and Qin Lan staged an urban sister and brother love in the TV series “Ideal Life”, but this time Wang Hedi played in it. It’s a “little milk dog”. I wonder how wolfish the “little wolf dog” played by Wang Hedi in “The Boy I Like” this time?

Although Wang Hedi’s costumes, lines and acting skills in the new version of “Meteor Garden” have been frantically complained by netizens, he still continues to seek acting opportunities in the show business circle, and there are still a lot of them. The TV series “Our Southwest Associated University” and “Jiangye 2” starring in him have been well received after the broadcast. Netizens have recognized his acting skills very much, and they have seen that his acting skills have improved a lot.

Netizens are very supportive of Tan Songyun’s first collaboration with Wang Hedi to stage a sister-in-law relationship, and they all expressed their expectation for their cooperation. The handsome man and the beauty of the woman must knock the show off. It seems that the Internet is very much looking forward to “You are the boy I like”. I hope this drama can be broadcast soon. I believe they will have a wonderful performance in the drama.

In fact, this is not the first time that Tan Songyun starred in a TV series about sister and brother love. She and Xiong Ziqi previously staged a sweet and overwhelming drama about sister and brother love in the TV series “The Waves Blossoming”. Coincidentally, Xiong Ziqi played. She is also a sports-specialized student, and is a great swimmer. It seems that Tan Songyun is really suitable for a role in a romantic relationship with a sports-specialized student.

Speaking of Wang Hedi’s talent in basketball, it is very appropriate, because he likes to play basketball since he was a child. He has participated in the All-Star basketball reality show before. He has good skills and can definitely serve as a basketball player in the play. Besides, Wang Hedi looks sunny and handsome. , Very much in line with the image of a basketball player in the hearts of female audiences.

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