We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone
Alternative name:
Annette de Jonge
Body & Spirit Books
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56 pages


The Earth has been visited for eons by various species of aliens, recorded by many cultures through legends and ancient art. Reading this book you may wonder have I, the reader, had an encounter that has been blocked from memory? This book offers clues, ways to find out.Alien implants, nocturnal visitations by extraterrestrials were part of Annette’s life from childhood.

There are early memories of a tall Praying Mantis, the aliens called ‘the Grays’, the mysterious Men in Black and a terrifying encounter with a Reptilian.However, not all experiences were frightening. A friendly ET took Annette to two unknown planets; one without life and another home to an unknown specie and two separate visits to an alien base somewhere on Earth where they watched humans working with aliens.

‘Myth is history in disguise.’ Euphemerus, 4th century philosopher.