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“Youth with You 3” program group announced: termination of program recording and cancellation of finals

Tencent Entertainment News On May 9, iQiyi’s “Youth with You 3” (青春有你3) announced on its official Weibo that it would terminate the recording of the program and cancel the finals. The program group wrote: At present, the program group has decided to terminate the program recording and cancel the finals. So far, the program group has not released any news, and some group news on the Internet and the so-called “official Weibo” are false information.

Recently, there was a video on the Internet that a large number of milk of a certain brand was taken apart and poured directly into the ditch. It is not enough to just dump the ones on hand. There is a whole wall of “yogurt drinks” behind it. According to media reports, this was triggered by fans to vote for the contestants in “Youth Have You 3”. It is understood that the QR code for voting for idols is printed in the milk cover. If you want to vote, you have to open the milk cover. . In the relevant entertainment community, some fans said, “There is no way. After unpacking, you can’t sell it if you can’t drink it. You can’t drink it overnight, you can only dump it.”

Some netizens broke the news that fans of “Youth Have You 3” dumped 270,000 bottles of milk in just one batch. As the milk incident continues to ferment. On the evening of May 4, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television issued an article on its WeChat public account, ordering iQiyi to suspend the recording of the third season of “Youth with You”, and asking iQiyi to seriously check and rectify the existing problems.

In the early morning of the 5th, the official Weibo of iQIYI’s “Youth Have You” responded to the matter, saying “sincerely accept and resolutely obey”. At the same time, the third season player Yu Jingtian of “Youth Has You” belongs to Xingyu, stunned by Weibo. Bo issued a resignation statement, stating that artist Yu Jingtian was unable to continue to participate in related work due to personal physical reasons and decided to withdraw from the current program recording.

On the night of May 6, iQiyi issued an apology, saying it apologized for the impact of the “pouring milk video” and reiterated its firm opposition to all forms of food waste. IQiyi said that from the moment it is published, all channels for assisting in the third season of “Youth With You” will be closed.

On the morning of May 7th, Mengniu’s Zhenguoli official micro-posted that as a sponsor of “Youth With You 3”, it fully supports and actively cooperates with iQiyi and the program team’s rectification measures. Regarding the act of wasting milk drinks, Mengniu stated that it firmly opposes all forms of food waste and apologizes for the negative social impact caused by it.

From the evening of the 8th to the morning of the 9th, there was news that the suspected group NINEVER official blog after the youth has you 30 groups has followed Luo Yizhou, Lian Huaiwei, Tang Jiuzhou, Liu Guanyou, Deng Xiaoci, Sun Yinghao, Liu Jun, Duan Xingxing, Sun Yihang. , Is suspected to be a group list, and it is rumored that the final player will make his debut with this lineup. However, Youth has your 3 official response, denying the news of the group.

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