9 activities to enhance the development of the baby to grow properly

When development is essential to your baby’s growing life. Sometimes mothers have no idea what kind of play or activity to give to that will enhance their child’s development. This time, I had nine activities that will enhance baby’s development to try and see it

  1. Invite children to sing and listen to music. – Singing improves language skills and strengthens the body. Mom tried playing different kinds of music, listening to singing and dancing to the music together. Help develop your baby’s body muscles and hearing.
  2. Art drawing activities to create imagination and creativity of the baby. Children can use their imagination to build houses, castles, cartoon characters, etc., making them happier and more fun to paint.
  3. Role-playing activities – Dressing up or changing roles, for example, today invite your baby to play a doctor. Or inviting your little ones to play and cook Role playing It stimulates the imagination of children. Improve language development And sequence of steps to play that role
  4. Activities to play balls – Find the balls of different sizes. To insert child learning In terms of color and size Have the child arrange the balls from small to large. This activity can help improve your baby’s memory development.
  5. Activities to train children to enjoy climbing, – allowing children to do activities related to climbing. Will help the children Have practiced physical motor skills And train the brain to work in harmony with other organs as well
  6. Reading activities – Because reading makes the little ones imaginative, such as reading fairy tales, it is a language skill training. Can practice seeing pictures and knowing things
  7. Jigsaw or wooden puzzle activities – can build good relationships in the family. And to strengthen the optic nerve skills, practice observation and concentration to the fullest, the children will become more still during the completion of the jigsaw puzzle.
  8. Activities to invite the little ones to have fun at the playground – Let your little one play in the playground This gives the baby an opportunity to develop their muscles to the fullest and develop social potential. Meeting new friends Plus, mothers can teach their little ones how to share toys with others or queue up to play.
  9. Rhythmic activities – for children to begin to recognize the rhythm. Improved rhythmic body movements, such as standing up, stretching all the way up and slowly making yourself shorter to maximum, or pronouncing it from loud to low sounds. Is a practice of rhythm control for children Learned as well

Benefits from development activities.

  1. Practice problem solving. From various toys such as jigsaw puzzles Or a drop-shaped box that will help your child know how to fix basic problems that need to be done To be able to play successfully.
  2. Strengthen the imagination. Think of a picture of a baby playing with things. Or play the role of a doctor The baby will make different sounds. It is fun because children can put themselves to be part of the thinking and imagination that create it.
  3. The body is strong. Because the baby uses small and large muscles, the arms and legs can move. This is considered a good and strong exercise in the future.
  4. Helps stimulate the development of your baby. Creativity such as drawing and painting

Mom, try to choose activities that are suitable for your child’s age. And try to follow along And the toy that will bring the baby should be larger than your mother’s fist. There must be no small parts. To prevent the baby from putting it in his mouth and sticking his throat. Children’s toys must be safe and contain no toxic substances (non-toxic) or round edges, as this can lead to an accident. Which is convenient to buy at Tesco Lotus, apart from toys that are suitable for your baby’s age There are also various devices. That are suitable for children such as diapers Or milk that is suitable for the age of the baby as well.