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9 ways to protect your eyes from premature aging for office people

Because of keeping staring at the computer for a long time, it makes my eyesight weaker every day. Over time, it can cause chronic problems such as lack of focus. Including short-sightedness gradually. Knowing this, let’s learn 9 simple ways to preserve your eyesight and prevent premature aging , which is more suitable for young office workers.

1. Put the computer in place
Just placing the computer in the right place can help you save our eyes a lot. Start by placing the keyboard in a position that fits the arm’s length. Your eyes should be placed comfortably on the top half of the monitor.If you’re using a laptop, adjust the screen slightly so you don’t have to focus on the bottom of the screen until your eyes strain.

2. Wear glasses to match the eyes.
If you have to use your computer every day for more than 8 hours a day, consider getting glasses that protect your eyes from blue light. Especially in the smartphone era when taking your eyes off the computer Then have to look at the mobile phone again The more necessary to enter These glasses are also suitable for people who wear contact lenses. Because it prevents dry and tired eyes well

3. Stare less
Staring at a computer screen is the main cause of eye fatigue. Reduce the cause of eye fatigue by examining yourself not being seated in a dark environment that requires focus more than usual. Or sitting in a position opposite a window that requires working in a backlit And should protect eyesight even at normal times By finding sunglasses to wear during the daytime sunny time

4. Get the right lighting
Neon lights at work are often too bright. Exposing the eyes to light all the time and causing eye strain. If you feel that the office lights are dark You can also find a table lamp that is eye-care. Make sure to adjust the computer screen light down to the same as the outside light. Prevent overworked eyesight

5. Font size matters
The font size that fits our eyes is about three times the size of the smallest font we can read. As for the colors, please choose to use dark colors on light backgrounds. For example, the black fonts on white paper are already very much preserving our eyes. If you want to highlight different highlight colors, it’s better to underline rather than changing the font color to the entire highlight color.

6. Blink more often
When working in front of the computer People tend to blink less. And each blink is just a blindfold. It is not a blink to rest the eyes, although the blink will help lubricate the eyeball. Because there are tears in our eyelids If not blinking at all, it will cause dry eyes. Even in the office environment That often turn on strong air The more you need to take special care of your eyes.

7. Open the curtain
If your workplace has windows, you should open the blinds instead of the neon lights. Because natural light cares for our eyes the best It also keeps us awake. Not as sleepy as working in a square room full of fluorescent light bulbs.

8. Very tired, use artificial tears
If your eyes are really dry, use artificial tears to relieve them. But artificial tears are just a shortcut to treating dry eyes only. Did not cure the cause If you don’t want to suffer from dry eyes and frequent eye strain, protect yourself and take care of your eyes.

9. Don’t forget to rest your eyes
Use your eyes all day Your eyes need a little rest. Try the 10-10-10 rule for taking a rest. Every 10 minutes, stare at anything 10 feet away for 10 seconds. Take a break after reading this article. Then you will know that resting your eyes for just one moment can make your eyes much more relaxed.

Believe that almost every office worker Would have to use a lot of eyesight from working in front of the computer already How to preserve your eyes is important. That we would like to leave everyone to try and apply together will help preserve eye health to be able to use it well Not premature aging And what kind of good stories will we bring to share next time?

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