God sticks small village doctor

God sticks small village doctor
Other names: 神棍小村医
Author: Bailong Xiucai
Genre: Novel, Urban Life
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Fang Xiaoyu, a young man in the mountain village, gained supernatural powers by smashing a strange stone. He spotted the treasured feng shui place where his career flourished and led the villagers to a well-off society.

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 001
Chapter 002 Things in the Orchard
Chapter 003
Chapter 004-The Promise of the Female Boss
Chapter 005
Chapter 006 A Few More Women Behind
Chapter 007 A Little Test
Chapter 008
Chapter 009 Expanding Sales
Chapter 010 Shopping Spree
Chapter 011 The Long-haired Boy
Chapter 012
Chapter 013 Sending Carbon In The Snow
Chapter 014 Thunder Qi Cures Abdominal Pain
Chapter 015-Meeting an Acquaintance in the Forest at Night
Chapter 016 Happy Like Picking Money
Chapter 017
Episode 018
Chapter 019 Nine Phoenix Chaolong
Episode 020
Chapter 021 Buying Underwear
Chapter 022 Twin Sisters
Chapter 023
Chapter 024 The Dean’s Nephew

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