What did Fan Lihua say to Fu Tang?

Fan Lihuazi Xue Gang killed the prince drunk during the Lantern Festival, and shocked Tang Gaozong to death, which also led to Xue Gang’s rebellion against Tang. Fan Lihua was rescued from the execution ground by the old mother of Lishan when he was cut off from the Xue family. Later, he was ordered to go down the mountain to help Xue Gang behead the Prince Donkey Head in Tongguan. After the incident, he still returned to the mountain to practice, and finally ranked in the immortal class.

Fan Lihua became a fairy and once again went to the world to enlighten Xue Gang, freed her from the disaster, and returned to the five ghost stars. “The Legend of the Moon and Tang Dynasty” also wrote that Fan Lihua accepted the red line girl, let the red line girl guide and rescue Xue Qiang’s son Xue Ping ( The historical prototype is Xue Ping, the son of Xue Song, the son of South Korea, which left the only blood in the robbery of the Xue family caused by the Anlu Mountain rebellion.

Xue Gang against Tang
“Xue Gang’s Anti-Tang Dynasty” is a book published by Sanqin Publishing House in 2006. The author is Ru Lian. It mainly tells the story of Xue Gang, the son of Xue Dingshan, the king of the Liao Dynasty, against the Tang Dynasty.

The story of “Xue Gang Against the Tang Dynasty” tells that in the Tang Dynasty, Xue Dingshan, the son of Xue Rengui, was killed by the traitor Zhang Tai (the son of Zhang Shigui), and the whole family ransacked him. Xue Dingshan’s eldest son Xue Yong and his second son Xue Meng were confined to feudal morality and were killed in the city. And Xue Dingshan’s third son, Xue Gang, was a strong personality and refused to give in. He sacrificed three sacrifices to Tieqiu tomb and escorted Li Xian, the king of Luling. Finally, he rose up against the Tang Dynasty and reported all the biographies of bloody vengeance that allowed justice to be done.

“Xue Gang Against Tang” is a traditional Chinese story. The book records: Xue Gang was the son of Xue Dingshan, the king of the Liao Dynasty. On the Lantern Festival, the prince was killed, Shengjia was shocked, and he caused a catastrophe. Xue Dingshan’s family was destroyed by Wu Zetian. Later, Xue Gang fled to Xiliang alone and moved with the army. Assisted Luling King Li Xian to defeat Wu Zetian.

Xue Gang’s son Xue Gang rebelled against the Tang affair, starting with Xue Dingshan’s burial of his father, Wu Zetian entering the palace and being favored by Xue Gang, and Xue Gang’s trouble with lanterns, until Ruizong ascended the throne and Xue’s family reunion. The plot is equivalent to the seventieth to ninety chapters of the ninety chapters “Zhengxi Shuo Tang San Chuan”, but the narrative is more detailed than the “Zheng Xi Shuo Tang San Chuan”. The novel evolves from telling history. Most of the plots are based on folklore. However, the heroes and heroines such as Xue Dingshan, Fan Lihua, Chen Jinding, Xue Gang, Xue Jinlian and so on have become popular artistic images among the folk.

Suzi Futang
Feeling hopeless, Xue Gang began to repeatedly recall regretting that he killed the whole family, regretting himself, and dying of illness. The seriously ill Xue Gang dreamed that his mother Fan Lihuatuo dreamed that he was reborn as a five-ghost star Yang Fan in his previous life, so he killed the Xue family. Yang Fan and Xue Gang themselves killed too much for their two lives, and the Xue family, the enemy of Zhang Xue’s family, was also at fault. Xue Gang should not have killed the Zhang family’s family and reported their injustice.

In this way, he will not be able to return to the heavenly court, and he must quickly try to eliminate the disaster, and inform the public family brother Bao Li Xian that his brother Bao Li Dan’s chaos is arranged by heaven, but this brother’s catastrophe is still a small catastrophe, and Qinglong star Su Baotong will go down for peace Lushan disturbed the Tang Dynasty, and Xu, Qin, Luo and other founding fathers were all down to Su Bao’s bondage with Shan Xiongxin in the previous life, so all the princes were robbed.

Even though the Xue family has nothing to do with Shan Xiongxin’s matter, but because they offended Su Baotong, they will be robbed again. Xue Jiao, Xue Kui and other descendants are also in disaster. Only when the white tiger star goes down for Guo Ziyi can they recover, and the Xue family can only leave a bloodline of Xue Xue. The strong son Xue Ping (the historical prototype is Xue Ping, the son of Xue Song, the son of Zhaoyi Jiedu), also needs to wait for the red line girl to come to rescue. One drink and one peck, is it pre-determined, and tells Xue Gang that his secret is not to be revealed.

Xue Gang awakened to his previous life and repented of what he had done. After waking up, according to Fan Lihua’s instructions for solving problems, he continued to do dojos and good deeds to appease the souls killed by him. After that, he passed away safely and returned to the heavenly court to restore the five ghost stars. So far, the fate of the previous life has been solved. The Xue family also began to enter the story of “The Romance of the Moon and Tang Dynasty”.