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“Sword to Come” character profile

Sword to Come (剑来)” is an online novel serialized on The author is a prince of Fenghuo Opera.

Worlds, full of wonders. Heaven’s path collapses, I Chen Ping’an, I have only one sword that can move mountains, break rivers, pour the sea, drop demons, suppress demons, imperial gods, pick stars, destroy cities, and open the sky. Top ten works at the 4th Orange Melon Network Literature Award.

Top 100 works in the 4th Orange Melon Network Literature Award.

The ten most promising animation IPs in the 4th Orange Melon Network Literature Awards.

Chen Pingan:

The protagonist of the story, the disciple of the current Wen Shengguan. Born in Lizhu Cave, one of the thirty-six small caves. Both parents were surnamed Chen. When Chen Pingan was 5 years old, someone let his father know the secrets of the town and broke Chen Pingan’s natal porcelain. Both parents passed away due to backlash, and his father was killed by someone (the son of Granny Ma,) Ma Kuxuan’s father) was killed, and his mother died of a serious illness. After Chen Pingan’s natal porcelain was broken, it was like a firefly in the dark. The opportunities of the town came to him one after another, but they couldn’t keep it.

At the age of fourteen, the Changsheng Bridge was broken by Cai Jinjian. Later, because of Lu Chen, he took care of the injured Ning Yao. Liu Xianyang refused to hand over the sword scriptures from his ancestors and was injured and dying by the mountain ape moving in Zhengyang Mountain. Chen Ping’an and Ning Yao joined forces to move the mountain ancestor, and with the help of the mountain ancestor, he embarked on the Wufu road.

He was born as a security guard. He is still a double-labeled saint and a scheming boy. He has been double-labeled many times in Shujianhu. It can be called Chen Buqun, which led to the post bar master also turned on the mother-sending mode. The model is aligned with the friends of the Great Sage.

Qi Jingchun:

The direct disciple of the fourth sage of Confucianism, there are three destiny characters “Qi”, “Jing” and “Chun”. Among them, the word “Jing” violates Taoism (because Taoism advocates “quietness and inaction”), and Dao is the unity of three religions. But it is not tolerated by the three religions. After the Three-Fourth Controversy, he voluntarily came to the town to paint a prison and served as a saint. In front of the town, he served as the mountain owner of Shanya Academy.

Send Chen Ping’an square seal “Chen eleven”, “Jingxin proud”, “Mountain character seal” and “Water character seal” and a ray of spring breeze (one soul and one soul). Before heading to the Great Wall of Jianqi, the mountain character seal has been damaged and a ray of spring breeze The Baidi Hunyuan Formation that broke through Liu Chicheng and dissipated after being seriously injured.

Once persuaded Chen Ping An, the gentleman did not save the truth, but in the end when the Lizhu Cave was broken, he sacrificed himself in exchange for the next life of 6000 people in the town. The actual realm is completely unimaginable, and it can even be compared with the real boss moving the mountain behind the book.

It was just a vain attempt to step on the strongest Zongmen Zhengyang Mountain by breaking the sword, leading to being detained in the small town by the great sage who moved the mountain, sacrificing himself under the direction of the great sage to protect the people in the town. Later, the Great Sage moved to the mountain and Song Changjing, the martial god of the 12th realm, to resurrect Qi Jingchun to help fight against the monster race. The most luminous moment of the role is to sacrifice most of his cultivation base to suppress the unawakened Great Sage.

Ning Yao:

The daughter of the two great sword celestial couples at the Great Wall of Sword Qi, one of the most talented swordsmen in the world from ancient times to the present, two natal flying swords (one is innocent, the other is unknown), and Chen Zeng and Chen in the Lizhu Cave Ping An confronts the enemy together and teaches the protagonist “Shaking the Mountain”. Love each other with Chen Pingan and express their hearts in Jianqi Great Wall.

The parents were cast aside because they died in a gambling battle with the Yaozu. Said to Chen Ping’an in the Diaoxuan Mountain: “Chen Ping’an! I like you, no less than you like me.” When the Great Wall of Jianqi opened the battlefield, he broke through on the spot and became a Nascent Soul. But once said: “The realm is meaningless to me.” Another person in the Great Wall of Jianqi said: “Ning Yao is against the enemy, so what does it matter if you are higher than one level.” Realm invincible sword repair Lu Zhi).

The talent of the heroine of this book is far less than the 12-level invincible sword repair Lu Zhi

Ruan Xiu:

The daughter of Ruan Qiong, Vulcan, one of the five supreme gods of the ancient heavenly court, was reincarnated. I can see some things in others, and we can see other people’s luck and cause and effect. I once admitted that I liked Chen Ping’an, but also said that Chen Ping’an would only like a girl in Ning Yao, but at first he was attracted by the water transport on Chen Ping’an. Join forces with Li Liu to connect Ao Ping Zhou and Beiju Lu Zhou into one continent, defending against the demon clan during the invasion of the wild world. After eating Li Liu’s divinity and stripping away his humanity, he became a god and ascended into heaven.

Liu Xianyang:

Chen Ping’an’s best buddies grew up together, and inherited two treasures, one sword and one treasure (in the hands of Xu Hun in Qingfeng City). He was severely injured and dying by a mountain-moving ape from Zhengyang Mountain because he did not sell sword scriptures. Chen Ping’an suspended his last breath with a Sophora japonica leaf (the Yao’s Huai leaf that Qi Jingchun asked for Chen Ping’s Pingzhou, head to South Posuo Island. Later, he went to the Great Wall of Jianqi, and then returned to Baopingzhou, becoming a direct disciple of Longquan Jianzong. Now repaired as Yupu.

Wen Sheng:

Also known as Lao Xiucai. The fourteen borders are well-located. I especially love Little Aquarius. Qi Jingchun, Cui Yang, and the masters on his left and right, once wanted to officially accept Chen Ping An as a closed disciple and were declined, but in fact they always regarded Chen Ping An as a closed disciple. There were two shocking moves in succession. One was to go to the sky, crane his neck and ask the second child to chop here and chop here, and then after the debate, I asked the two ancestors to take a seat.

This is the fourth of the Confucian Temple, advocating that human nature is inherently evil, and (needs) education to be good. The debate between the third and the fourth failed, and the statue was repeatedly degraded and finally moved out of the Confucian Temple and smashed. Chen Ping’an asked the god of Suishan Mountain in the middle earth for a sword embryo named “Xiaofengdu”, which was later turned into a flying sword “first day”. In the fifth world and Bai also have the merits of pioneering the world.

And from Baize (the second ancestor of the wild world, temporarily imprisoned in Baize Tower, town because of the saint of rites), “Soushan Tu” From the old man (perhaps Qu Yuan) who is hydrophilic on Shujianhu Avenue, I obtained a few articles to defend against the monster race. The statue of the Confucian Temple has been recast, one of the participants.


Jian Xiu, one of the four most difficult ghosts recognized on the mountain, is known as the “dog day”, Li Huai’s good brother, has a high sword intent and has a close relationship with Qi Jingchun. Originally, Qi Jingchun came to the town to take one. Sword (obtained by Chen Pingan), the mantra “I am A Liang, kind-hearted, I am a swordsman”. Haoran Tianxia fought thirteen games with Yaozu Tianxia, ​​six wins and six losses. In desperation, Aliang turned the tide and killed the big sword repair on the 13th floor of the Yaozu to win all the swords of the Yaozu for Haoran Tianxia.

Later, he escorted Chen Ping’an and his entourage to the border of Dayi, and then smashed the Baiyujing of Dayi in Dayi Capital, smashed the golden bodies of the six gods of landscape, cut off the life of Emperor Dayi to the remaining three years (the third life), and soared. In Tian Waitian and Dao Lao Er (Tao Zu Er disciple, also known as the true invincible) two battles, one loss and one victory.

Xu Qiang and Dong Shuijing once said: “The son of your husband’s mortal rival (the three-fourth dispute).”, the only son of Yasheng. The eldest sword fairy once said that Aliang is a scholar. After returning from Tianwaitian, he became a sword repairman in the fourteenth realm. After the Great Wall of Sword Qi was broken, he was trapped at the foot of Tuoyue Mountain by the demon ancestor (you can come out at any time, but under Tuoyue Mountain are countless ghosts and ghosts who voluntarily suppressed with their own sword intent). Now he got away and went to the Confucian Temple with Li Huai. One of the discussants of the Confucian Temple, on the side of Chen Pingan.

The Great Sage:

The true level of cultivation in the 16th realm is unfathomable, helping Qi Jingchun protect the people in the small town, and even use his body to penetrate the demon ancestors and guard the world. With the 12th realm of warlord Song Changjing, we have a good drink together. , Yu Qianjun talked and laughed and raised his hand to kill Qi Jingchun and his like

Dao second:

His real name is Yu Dou, “Really invincible.” The second disciple of the Taoist seat, one of the three Taoist masters in the Qingming world, was called by Aliang: “The most powerful bastard in Taoism except for the Taoist”. There are many magic weapons, the “Tao Zang” (originally from the Western Buddhist country), one of the four great immortal swords, claims to be “for eight thousand years, a defeat is hard to find.”

Once fought with Aliang, he blasted Aliang into the world with a punch, and then was punched into the world with a fist by Aliang. Zeng mentioned that the fairy sword “Tao Zang” (obtained from the Western Buddhist country) went to the Great Wall of Sword Qi to rectify his own swordsmanship and retreated without fighting.

Song Changjing:

Dali Army God, the younger brother of Emperor Dali, Uncle Song Jixin. Breaking into ten realms at the age of forty, 12 realms of Valkyrie. Zeng threatened that Qi Jingchun could be suppressed with one hand (actually, Qi Jingchun was in the fourteenth realm), and his true strength was unfathomable. You can kill Qi Jingchun with one hand. Later, he and the ancestor who moved the mountain together turned the sky down.

In a battle with Li Er in Lizhu Cave, he deliberately defeated and helped Li Er polish his realm.

Has now stepped into the eleven realms with the help of one continent’s martial arts. One of the discussants of the Temple of Literature

Li Er:

Old Yangtou’s apprentice, Li Huai, Li Liu’s father, ten realm martial artist (the Great Sui Palace broke through, and later reached the “return to true” when he went to Tongyezong). Help Chen Ping An into the golden status, feed money in Lion Peak. Later, he helped Zheng Dafeng ascend to the six realms and went to Pimazong to resist the monsters.

Li Huai:

The son of Li Er, the son of luck and destiny in this book, studied at Shanya Academy. The source of good fortune is profound, and the colorful deer in the academy recognizes the master. He has a very good relationship with Pei Qian and traveled to Luzhou in the north. The good fortune is even better than He Xiaoliang and Huang Ting. The apprentice of the old blind man in the wild world (fourteenth realm)

Li Liu:

The reincarnation of the water god, one of the five supreme gods of the ancient heaven, (due to the water and fire battle with the fire god, and the sword holder broke the armor, resulting in the destruction of the heaven), the co-lord of the rivers and lakes, the daughter of Li Er, and the sister of Li Huai. Together with Ruan Xiu, Baopingzhou and Beiju Luzhou were connected as one continent, and a thirteen realm great demon who had an antagonism with the fire dragon was suppressed, and then he put Mazong on Beiju Luzhou to resist the demon clan. He has stripped away his divinity and voluntarily lost the battle with Ruan Xiu. (Now married)

Zheng Dafeng:

Old man Yang’s second apprentice, a martial artist of the Nine Realms (who fell to the realm by Du Mao and became a useless person, hopeless for life, but some of his soul was practiced at Old Man Yang, and there is a probability to reply), then Old Man Yang returned his soul and went to Beijulu With the help of Li Er, Zhou Shizifeng entered the sixth state, went to the fifth world, and entered the golden state immediately after entering the world. Lechery is especially good for a long-legged beauty, who was a god of heaven in the previous life. She is also lascivious, with a cheap mouth, wearing a silver armor “big frost”, guarding the east gate, and will not retreat.

Wei Bo:

檗 (bò), the god of Qidun Mountain, the god of Beiyue, the former god of water, the golden body was shattered, and was later picked up from the river in Hongzhu Town bit by bit and pieced together to form Beiyue of Dali Dynasty Righteousness. It is currently cultivated as the Jade Pure Realm, but because it is Beiyue Zhengshen, he needs to take the realm to a higher level. For the blessed land of lotus roots in Luopo Mountain, even night banquets are held.

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