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“Yulong” Long Yan is injured

遇龙 – Yulong in Miss the Dragon Chinese Series

Liu Yuxiang spread the rumors that Qingqing was a monster and Ayu who was always with Qingqing was also a demon. Ruan’s father was unwilling to be falsely accused of his daughter. He stepped forward to defend Ayu and bluntly claimed that Ayu was not a monster. Is a goddess. As soon as this remark came out, it happened to alarm the adult who came. The adult was ready to arrest someone because of Ruan’s father’s nonsense. In order to save her father, Ayu only lied that she was a goddess and could rain.

The government has already set up an altar and is preparing to wait for Ayu to save the rain. Long Yan went to Lei Zetai to grab the rain order for Ayu. Qingqing wanted to drag Xueqian to find him with him, but Xueqian angered Qingqing for mischief and used the fairy method. Interference in human affairs is to be punished by thunder, so how can Qingqing Yijie Little Demon stand it. For Qingqing’s safety, Xue Qianxun forcibly brought Qingqing back to Luofeng Pavilion to take care of her.

Long Yan was at Lei Zetai preparing to force a rain order, Ziyang stopped Long Yan, and Xue Qianxun came to rescue Long Yan. The rain god Xuanming said that he had already rained. A group of people went to Yuchi Town to check and found that Yuchi Town was actually blocked by a barrier. Even if there was a rain order, Yuchi Town would not be able to get a drop of rain.

Long Yan guessed that the barrier was the last bit of resentment from the Heavenly Blood Demon. The Heavenly Blood Demon wanted to turn Yuchi Town into a wasteland and bury him. The four people used spiritual power to eliminate the barrier, but the low power of the four people was of no avail. Ziyang and Shi Yu Xiaoxian went back to the heaven to report to the Jade Emperor.

Ayu comforted her father first, and asked Ruan’s father to leave in a small boat, dragging a stick of incense on the altar, and then she had to beg for rain. Ayu did not have the ability to ask for rain. After delaying her father to leave, she admitted that she was posing as a goddess. She apologized to the people of Yuchi Town, and the government prepared to imprison Ayu.

Long Yan was consuming his own spiritual power and wanted to save Ayu, but this barrier was set by the blood demon, and only the name of the blood demon could break this barrier. Long Yan remembered the Zhiyong handwriting he erased on the city wall earlier. Zhiyong is the blood demon, so he broke this screen with the words Zhiyong carved. Yuchi successfully rained and saved Ayu’s life in a crisis. . This time, breaking the barrier consumed a lot of Long Yan’s spiritual power. Seeing Long Yan vomiting blood, Xue Qianxun hurriedly stepped forward to heal Long Yandu spiritual power.

Ayu was regarded as a goddess when it rained in Yuchi Town. She was highly praised and severely punished Liu Yuxiang. Liu Yuxiang wore tortoise makeup on the street on the 16th, accepting the taste of being laughed at by others, and hoped that Liu Yuxiang would change in the future. Later, Ayu was told that the goddess was about to be canonized as a concubine. She was shocked and shocked, but Long Yan had already known that Ayu could enjoy the wealth of the world when she entered the palace, and she was noble to support her in the palace. He can live a safe life and end his life, which is what he hopes to see. Comparing love and Ayu’s health and peace, he is willing to bear the pain of losing Ayu alone.

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