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The Republic of Kiribati and the future Alantis empire

The Republic of Kiribati (read Ki-ri-bas) was once a British colony. Known as the Gilberts Islands, it is located in the middle of the equatorial Pacific Ocean. With a longitude of 180 ° passing through, the Kiribati was the first nation on the planet to see the rising sun. Which counted as Selling point for tourism But at the same time, Kiribati is interesting in the issue of drowning the entire island. From global warming Which is becoming more and more severe all the time.

500,000 people Most of the people live in the capital city Tarawa on the island of Tarawa Atoll, which is a right triangle with a lagoon on the island. Get there with Fiji Airways, which flies direct from Fiji Island to Tarawa in 3 hours. Most of the islanders earn income from tourists arriving from Fiji two flights a week, with planes arriving at the airport.

South Tarawa, Kiribati Republic

Bonriki flies on the airport island, located at an altitude of 3 meters above sea level, while the rest of the island is only 2 meters above sea level. At night, which is a time for high tide The villagers who settled on the lower part of the island were raised and Carry wealth, escape the dirty sea water to take the utensils up and wait until dawn. When the sea level is lower The island will return to normal. In the afternoon, the water will flood the island again. Suffering and worries of the people

In the 2015 Annual Report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the prediction was written: While the world is Experiencing massive climate change, massive ice blocks in Antarctica melt in larger quantities every year. 2100 Melting of ice In both polar regions will increase sea level by 1 meter, resulting in 145 million people living on the oceanfront. And the seas all over the world must suffer.

If this prophecy is true, it means that the Republic of Kiribati will certainly be inundated, and the cities of other countries located by the sea or the ocean will also be inundated, such as Bombay in India, Dakka in Bangladesh, New. York in America and Bangkok This will result in hundreds of millions of people having to evacuate. Emigrate For other nationals This is not a big problem because the afflicted can migrate to highlands, but the Kiribati will have the problem of nowhere to go, especially when the IPCC forecasts that in 500 years the sea level will rise to 15 meters. It will definitely be Atlantis in the future.

For this reason, President Anote Tong of Kiribati was the keynote speaker warned all residents to prepare to evacuate the island, but scientists have tracked environmental education. Geography of the Kiribati Islands for a long time, over 20 years, there is an opinion that The flooding of the islands would not happen anytime soon as the Kiribati Islands were caused by coral reefs. Which is the source Deposition of sediment that is carried with ocean currents, so the size of the island will only expand. But the height does not increase The vastness of the area was not large enough to counteract erosion. Coast by ocean waves Washes out abundance Of soil on the island every day

Besides the geographical problems that the islanders have no way to fight against, the Kiribati people also have social problems because most of the islanders are very poor. And migrated from a small island Come together on the big island And come to live in an unhygienic way, for example, there is no toilet, a pig farm that is frequently flooded This resulted in the contaminated fresh water that the islanders consume on a regular basis, so the water was unclean and brackish, making people sick on the island. Today the small island is uninhabited.

Because of lack of clean drinking water Especially when it doesn’t rain. People evacuated to Tarawa’s capital city and worked to dig groundwater from wells in the airport area using pumps. As more and more people poured These people also have problems with finding jobs and getting their children an education, so the trouble is increasing all the time when there are many unemployed people. And when refusing to help others in trouble is forbidden for the Kiribati, Tarawa is more like the Bombay slums of the city every day.

The problem that interests the whole world is when Kiribati will drown and where will the Kiribati migrate to.Kiribati is an island from coral that grows on Volcanic slopes under the ocean So when digging deep on the island Will find volcanic rocks And over the past million years the remains of mollusks And crabs that live in coral have fused with seaweed. Until turning into limestone, lined up in a circle When the top of Corals grow to the ocean level. The soil below will collapse. This creates a lagoon in the middle of the Kiribati island with an extinct volcano below. Is a coral island that grows with Sea level rising all the time And because the water has absorbed Carbon dioxide Until the water becomes weak acid and the water temperature is high, the coral around the island is bleached and slow to grow. Measuring the age of the corals using the carbon-14 technique showed that over the past 10,000 years the corals have grown more slowly.

President Tong emphasized that Who doesn’t believe that The world is getting warm all the time. But warn the islanders All of them had emigrated first with holy glory. Instead of shortening Then the whole island went like the Syrian immigrants And to help the immigrants, the Kiribati government bought 22 square kilometers of land on Fiji Island for 300 million baht as temporary homes for Kiribati residents, although no one has the right to live and have the right to stay at any time. President Tong believes that the way to buy land is better than the way to build a dam around the island to keep it safe from flooding.

As the Kiribati people are grappling with the flood disaster, the people of the world live near the seashore. All over the world will have to die in this catastrophe. This is because the IPCC report published in the journal Nature on March 30, 2016, shows that in 500 Antarctic ice years, it will melt. Until the sea level rises more than 15 meters and when the ice melts Some of the water will flow to remain trapped. In the cracks of the ice And when the temperature drops low, it expands and pushes the ice apart (water at 4 ° C is the densest Therefore, when the temperature decreases from 4 to 0 degrees, the water expands) and melts, resulting in an increase in the ocean level.

Kiribati is not the only island that is drowning. In America, Tangier Island, in the middle of Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay, is flooded so often that experts predict the island will go underwater permanently in the next 25 years.

Throughout the past 240 years, the area on the island is high. More than 1 meter above sea level has been falling all the time because the seashore has been eroded by water. And the altitude of the sea has increased due to global warming, which means that in the year 2043, the island will become the only island in memory.

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