What traditional food do you want to eat in Camomiles

Every year around October 23 in the Gregorian calendar is the last solar term in autumn-frost. The frosty weather gradually becomes colder. On a clear moonlit night, without cloud cover, the heat dissipates a lot, the temperature suddenly drops below 0°C, and the dew condenses into frost. So, what kind of traditional food will the folks eat in the frosty solar terms? These dishes are worth a try!

  1. Shandong frosting eats radish

Shandong farmer’s saying: Sorghum in the summer, Bailu Valley, the frost has fallen to the radish. Radish is one of the autumn and winter vegetables we often eat. There is a folk saying that “autumn and winter radishes compete with ginseng”. The lungs should be autumn, and the white radish skin is white but the meat tastes more spicy. It can be eaten raw to enhance lung function and relieve cough. White radish and green olives are each appropriate, decoction instead of tea to prevent and treat influenza.

  1. Guangxi Frost and Eat Beef

On the day of frost, residents in Yulin, Guangxi, are used to eating Niuhe fried noodles for breakfast, beef stir-fried radish or beef brisket pot for lunch or dinner to replenish energy and pray for warmth and health in winter. Beef has high protein content and low fat content, and enjoys the reputation of “the pride of the meat”. Beef has the effects of nourishing the qi, nourishing the spleen and stomach, strengthening the muscles and bones, resolving phlegm and relieving wind, quenching thirst and salivation. Eating beef in cold winter has the effect of warming the stomach and is a good product for cold winter.

  1. Fujian Frost and Eating Persimmon

Frost and Ding persimmon will not have a runny nose. This is what the old people of Quanzhou say about eating persimmons with frost. In some parts of our country, red persimmons are eaten during the frost season. In the eyes of locals, this can not only keep warm from the cold, but also replenish muscles and bones. It is a very good frosty food. After the frost falls, the persimmons that have been beaten by the frost are excellent and delicious. They are delicious and inexpensive, and they can also nourish the body. Fujian people are used to buying a few kilograms before and after the “frost falling”.

  1. Taiwanese frosting eats ducks

There is a proverb in southern Fujian, which is called “It is better to replenish frost and drop in a year.” Therefore, on this day of frost, the folks in southern Fujian and Taiwan have to take supplements, which is what we often call “autumn fat” in the north. Every frost season, the ducks in Fujian and Taiwan will be very popular, and sometimes they will be out of stock and in short supply. The hot summer season is most suitable for eating ducks. Frequent consumption of duck meat is most beneficial to those with weak yin deficiency, edema, lack of food, dry stool, and low-grade fever.