How is innovation like or different with technology?

Many of you may have questions in your head. And there is little doubt that innovation is different from technology. When we talk about innovation Much of people’s understanding is related to technological innovation. That is new and changing, such as online communication technology that makes it easier for people to communicate with each other.

Or innovative vehicles that are environmentally friendly for safety, health, etc., therefore innovation is related to “Better life” and something new as never before. These are the innovations that “Impact on society” in order not to cause confusion. In this article I would like to explain the difference between innovation and technology for your readers to understand. You can follow me.

Innovation (Innovation) is rooted in the Latin language innovate means to make something new. Innovation refers to a new idea, practice, or invention that has not been previously used. Or is it a modified development from an existing one Keep it up to date and use it for better results. When it comes to innovation, it can help make that work more efficient, more efficient and more efficient. This also helps Save time and labor as well. We can divide innovation into 3 phases, that is

Phase 1 is invention (Innovation) or is it a refinement of the old to suit the times

Phase 2 Development (Development) is an experimental experiment conducted in the form of a pilot project.

Phase 3 Implementation in common situations Which is considered a complete innovation

Therefore, it can be concluded that “innovation” is an improvement and adaptation to the old method Or adopt new methods in any operational process And make the efficiency higher than before When innovation is applied to any job or field, it will be named after the field in which it is applied, such as agricultural innovation. Communication innovation Teaching and learning innovation And educational innovations, etc.

Technology (Technology) is the introduction of scientific knowledge. And other sciences Come together to meet specific goals according to human needs. By bringing various resources Used in the production and distribution throughout the process. Is the introduction of scientific knowledge It comes as a practical and applied method to help work or solve problems, so technology is often useful and appropriate only when and where. And if the technology is consistent with the economic, social, political, cultural and environmental conditions That technology will complement and benefit both individuals and the public. If the technology is not consistent Will cause enormous problems

Therefore, it can be concluded that innovation and technology differ in the following areas.

The origin of innovation stems from new ideas and knowledge that arise from the creation of new things that do not yet exist. Technology is derived from innovation and proven scientific procedures and is used systematically to solve various problems for efficiency.

The definition of innovation is a new concept, practice or action, while technology is innovation that is accepted and used as a practice in life.

Applying innovation and technology Innovation is only partially applied in small groups, it is not yet widespread. The technology is widely used in daily life.

It can be said that innovation and technology are the same thing. But it is in the perspective of people in each social group, where one innovation may be technology of another social group.