The link between drinking rose tea and stress relief

Rose tea has been popular since ancient times. It is classified as an Aroma type tea which emphasizes its fragrance. It is a tea that comes from the “flowers and pollen” of the plant that is full of essential oils. When exposed to heat The essential oils in the petals and pollen are evaporated better.

With a special smell and beauty The flowers are used as part of the tea culture. Popular flowers used to make “Fragrant flower teas” such as lotus, chrysanthemum and rose are also one of the most popular floral teas.

The popularity of tea that is made from flowers. Not only in Asian countries such as China and Japan, the French rose tea is also very popular. Many varieties of French roses have a unique scent and are therefore used to extract them as perfumes. And with the properties of the scent, aromatherapy and medicinal properties And the charm of the French rose is popular in the west. And spread to the city of drinking tea like England and many other countries. As for Thailand The most popular type of rose for making tea is “Mon Rose”, a small rose. Soft scent.

The process of bringing flowers to make tea Popular to dry. Then put in a closed container such as a glass jar to keep it for a long time After that when wanting to make tea So the roses are dried and passed through hot water for one round. And put a cup of tea Pour hot water into it Will smell a light fragrance Therefore, the scent of rose tea has properties in treating stress and anxiety well. Thus helping to sleep easier as well.

In addition It is not only the beauty of roses that fascinate most women. But another benefit of rose tea that is the focus of women is Vitamin C that is good for the skin is a “natural antioxidant” along with helping to speed up the production of collagen. That helps in the way of slowing down aging Or called slowing down the wear of cells When cells wear less Makes wrinkles that occur when you get older, it will slow down that effect.

Many people may not know that before. The chemicals in rose tea also contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds, thus making the cells of the body stronger. (Especially internal organs consisting of tissues and cells that are particularly sensitive), resulting in anti-cold properties. And it also benefits women who suffer from menstrual pain as well.

Not all this Rose extract, “R. Damascena,” is a very useful compound that cannot be overlooked. This is because the compound is made up of a number of chemicals, such as anthocyanins, the red color in roses, tertene, glycosides, and flavonoids. Combined, this compound has anti-cancer activity and inhibits cell mutations. Which has an effect on the nervous system The cardiovascular system expands the bronchi and includes properties that help stimulate excretion as well.

In conclusion … Rose tea is really suitable for women. In addition to reducing stress during menstruation Also great as a must-have tea in a cupboard or desk to sip during the day as well.

Nonetheless, for men, it can have effects on stress reduction and sleep. Which drinking rose tea regularly It will help reduce the cause of urinary tract stones. Which is a disease that is often a problem for men as well Important substances that help reduce the cause of the occurrence of this stone is Antioxidants That reduce inflammation from urinary tract infections Help diuretic And helps to nourish the kidneys that are directly connected to the urinary system