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Think first … For Make social.

Social media or Social Media has influenced and changed the way of life of many people, for example, if you want to get news, in the past we had to buy a newspaper. Or turn on the television and listen to the radio, but nowadays, just poke the finger at your fingertips Internet-connected smartphone or tablet Can read various news quickly If you want to talk to your friend, call.

But when there is social media Allowing us to communicate with each other By typing a message or “chat” (Chat) through a chat program. Messages can be sent either privately or in a chat group. Or maybe a video call can also be used to post messages, pictures, video clips. Or broadcast live events immediately

It can be seen that social media is useful for communication. Spread the news quickly But must be used properly And be careful not to affect others The user has to think first.

Many people when receiving news or information on social media. Will be shared or forwarded in instant chat programs in both formats Private conversation Or in a group chat room Can be called “Fast horses deliver the message,” but first !!! Before sharing anything, shall we “think” (THINK) a little bit?

T: True, is that true? Always think before sharing whether the information is true or not. By checking from reliable sources If that information is not true and If it is related to health, for example, eating this thing will recover from it Or it is about various safety practices that when the recipient of a message implements false information, it can be dangerous. Including in emergency situations such as when disaster strikes Sharing news is extremely careful because it affects many people. In addition, sharing news or stories that are not true is also an offense under the Misconduct Act. About computers (2nd edition) 2017 Section 14 imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years or a fine not exceeding 100,000 baht or both.

H: HelpfulIs it beneficial to others? Even if that information is true But if it doesn’t benefit others, it shouldn’t be shared.

I: Inspiring is something that inspires. And create good feelings for the readers or not If not, this type of information should not be shared, such as the news of various accidents with horrible and frightening images.Those who received the news may feel depressed and despair, so they should not share

N: Necessary, is it a matter that others need to know? not If not necessary Or not in the spotlight It can be bothersome or annoying. And should choose to share information suitable for discussion groups with
K: KindMust consider that The publisher of this story has good intentions, or has no publicity purpose. If it’s bad for others, don’t share it.

For example, if you come across a “forward to help cat” post on social media, first consider whether the intent. What’s the publisher? And if we continue to share The cat will be rescued. As we actually intended or not Which is posted like this Publishers will benefit in Public relations fan page Get more likes Or there may be an adversary If we continue to share, it will become a means of advertising for him without knowing.

Think before posting (Post)

In addition to thinking before sharing. Before we post any image or message on social media, be sure to “think” the same, and be aware of what we post on social media. Will it hurt others? For example, editing pictures of others and posting. Damage others and lose their reputation It is considered a form of cyber bullying, guilty under the Computer Crimes Act (2nd edition) 2017, Section 16, with imprisonment for up to 3 years and a fine of not more than 200,000 baht and may be prosecuted on the basis of defame Also has a jail term of up to 2 years and a fine of not more than 200,000 baht under Section 328 of the Penal Code.

Besides making destructive editing for others, photographing others and posting them using text messages Opinion that hurts others Is a behavior that should not Do too We may have encountered news such as when someone posted pictures. The housewife sat on the floor and waited for the employer to eat. And posters write Accompanying text in the manner against the employer This caused the employer to be condemned without doing anything wrong, in fact the housewife was willing to sit on the floor and before that had already eaten with the employer.

This drive teaches you that What you see may not be what you expected. Don’t be quick to judge Who goes before they know the whole truth? We often hear these words “vice versa,” “money”, “pontoon”. Criticize what It is better to verify the truth first, as it may damage others with our fingertips. Which the posting looks like It is an offense under the Offenses related to the computer (No. 2) Year 20…, both Section 14 and 16 because it is published both fake news. And news that is damaging to others The victim can You can sue for defamation as well.

Think before commenting (Comment) The next behavior that should be aware and should be careful is Using comment text Don’t forget that social media Is a public medium Even though we have privacy settings for friends only. Or comment on our own posts It is best to use polite and appropriate words, whether slandering others, or using sneaky words. Hurt others Which in addition to being unethical Breaking the law as well Although appended with the word Anything that we comment on under posts made by fan pages or groups that are set to public will be displayed on the social media homepage. Of our other friends as well (if not set to display messages only to the fanpage moderators).

Think before Hash Tag

In addition to having to think before sharing, think before posting and commenting The use of social media requires good judgment. And consider the information thoroughly before believing or making a decision. Another issue is to add a hashtag, type a hashtag (#) followed by a word that indicates the category or the essence of the story when the reader clicks on the word that With a # mark, it can be linked to posts marked with #, as well as that word.

Use search engines to read related stories. Sometimes the # sign is used as a means of sedition. People on social media have an opinion of one another, with others typing # those messages and believing each other without examining the origins of those stories or news. People who have done nothing wrong have been accused and judged by society. Like on social media Must use judgment and study All-round information

All of these are guidelines for using social media without causing harm or harm to others.They should be instilled in all social media users, from children to adults. Before doing anything, you have to think a lot. And always realize that Who will they affect? Or make someone in trouble We should use social media in a constructive and beneficial way, for example by spreading useful stories, knowledge and help others. Social media is like white paper. We want this paper to be a beautiful drawing. Or is it a scary picture It’s up to us …

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