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What are the traditional folk customs in Lixia season

The “Xia” in “Lixia” means “big”, which means that the plants sown in spring have grown upright. In ancient times, people attached great importance to the etiquette and customs of Lixia.

On the day of Lixia, the ancient emperors would lead a hundred officials of civil and military officials to the southern suburbs of Beijing to welcome the summer and hold a summer welcoming ceremony. All monarchs and ministers wear vermilion dresses with vermilion jade pendants. Even horses and car flags must be vermilion red to express their prayers for a good harvest and good wishes.

In the palace, “set up the ice in summer and give the minister of civil and military affairs.” The ice was stored in the winter of last year and was given to Baiguan by the emperor.

In the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, people feel the sadness of cherishing the spring because of the bright and beautiful spring. Therefore, preparing wine and food for joy is like sending people away, called Jiaochun. Cui Qi said in the fu: “The first to welcome summer, the end of spring.” Wu Outing’s poem “Li Xia” also said: “I have no choice but to go to spring, and return the cherry blossoms and shoots in spring.”

In folk, Li Xia people drink cold drinks to cool off the heat. In summer, there is a custom of cooking tender broad beans in Jiangnan Water Town. In some places, there is also the custom of setting up a summer to call people.

Tasting activities
In later generations, Lixia will also have festivals such as tasting new things. For example, there is a proverb in Suzhou that “see the three new things in the beginning of summer”. The three new ones are cherries, green plums, and wheat, used to worship ancestors.

In Changshu, the new food is more abundant. There is a saying of “nine meat and thirteen vegetables”. Jiu meat is crucian carp, salted egg, snails, simmered (that is, simmered on a low heat); a cooking method that uses more The thirteen elements include cherries, plums, wheat silkworm (new wheat is kneaded into thin strips and cooked), bamboo shoots, broad beans, spear needles, peas, cucumbers, Lettuce, grass head, radish, rose, pine flower. In Nantong, they eat boiled chicken and duck eggs.

Egg fighting game
At noon that day, every family cooked whole eggs (the eggs were boiled in shell and should not be broken), soaked in cold water for a few minutes, then put on the already woven silk-mesh bag and hung it on the child’s neck. The children would be in groups in small groups to play egg-fighting games.

At the two ends of the skimmer, the sharp one is the head and the round one is the tail. When fighting eggs, the head of the egg fights the head of the egg, and the tail of the egg hits the tail. Fight one by one, the breaker admits defeat, and finally distinguishes the highs and lows. The winner of the egg head is the first, the egg is called the king; the winner of the egg tail is the second, and the egg is called the little king or the second king.

There is a proverb: “Lixia has eggs on the chest, and children don’t have scrofula in summer”. Scrophularia is a common summer anorexia, fatigue and weight loss, and children are especially prone to scrofula. The lunch is glutinous rice with peas mixed in the rice. Special dishes such as boiled eggs, whole bamboo shoots, peas in shell, etc. must be on the table. Folks eat double eggs, bamboo shoots are in pairs, no matter how many peas are.

According to folklore, Lixia eats eggs and cheers. Because the egg is shaped like a heart, it is believed that eating an egg can keep the heart and spirit from losing.

After Lixia is a hot summer, in order not to lose weight in the hot summer, Lixia should be tonic. Shengyan has prosperous life, which means that people’s legs are as strong and powerful as spring bamboo shoots, and they can walk long distances, meaning that they can squeeze their legs. Shell peas are shaped like eyes. Eye diseases were common in ancient people. In order to eliminate eye diseases, people would eat peas for a year to pray that their eyes would be as clear as fresh peas, free from disease and disaster.

Lixia “Weighing People”
Lixia has lunch and the custom of weighing people. People hang a large wooden scale at the entrance of the village or in the gate of the platform, and a stool is hung from the scale hook. Everyone takes turns to sit on the stool to weigh people.

The people of Sicheng weighed the flowers while speaking auspicious words. The old man of scale would say, “Scaling spends eighty-seven and live to ninety-one.” The girl said, “One hundred and five catties, outsiders come to your door. Don’t be willing, don’t be willing, don’t be willing, the champion has fate.” The child said, “The scale flower is one dozen twenty-three, and the small officials will come out. Seven It’s not difficult for a county official to make trouble, and so are the three males and nine princes.”

The weighing flower can only be typed inside (that is, from a decimal to a large number), not outside

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