Bone Eating Tenderness: The wife is hot

Bone Eating Tenderness: The wife is hot
Other names: 蚀骨柔情:娇妻火辣辣
Author: The Little Mermaid
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Six years ago, Si Chen misunderstood that she was cheating, and because her girlfriend was abused, she was also diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer. Gu Li said to Si Chen: One life pays you two lives, and the two will never owe each other. Jumped down the rolling Yangtze River.

Six years later, he returned with Mengbao’s domineering. But how did the ex-husband recognize her? She clings to her stubbornly. He is overbearing and paranoid, but it has been reported that since his ex-wife committed suicide, he has suffered from hidden illnesses. Only Gu Li yelled in rage every day: You beast is perverted and shameless. Gu Li begged every time his backache, no more. Better behave, I’m afraid I will wait…


Chapter 1 Injustice
Chapter 2 Advanced Cancer
Chapter 3 Why He Hates Her