Mengbao is here: President Daddy’s spoiling the sky

Mengbao is here: President Daddy’s spoiling the sky
Other names: 萌宝驾到:总裁爹地宠上天
Author: Xiaoxiaobai
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


It is rumored that Gao Fushuai, the president of Li’s family, has the difference. The lack of ‘handsome’ is because he is too ugly to show others. Unexpectedly, President Li’s preferences have completely changed when there is an extra woman around him. Every day I hold the hand of a little woman to go shopping and watch movies. When necessary, he reached out and pinched off the peach blossoms behind the little woman. Only then did people know that Young Master Li was not ugly at all, and that little woman had picked up a treasure from the blessings she had cultivated in her previous life. “Daddy, can I help you get Mommy’s reward?” Li Lingye smiled slightly, “Wait for my pajamas and your mommy.” Xiao Budian curled his mouth and put it down that night.

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Only His Child
Chapter 2 It tastes so delicious
Chapter 3 Disturbing the Heart Lake
Chapter 4 I Have a Man I Like
Chapter 5 is pregnant with his child
Chapter 6 Face so red
Chapter 7 The Taste of Beauty
Chapter 8 Leaning in his arms
Chapter 9 is tempted?

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