Nongmen Widow Raising Cubs Everyday

The farm widow raises her cubs daily
Other names: 农门寡妇养崽日常, Nongmen Widow Raising Cubs Everyday
Author: Gongsun Xiaoyi
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Hua Sijin never dreamed that she would become a farm widow in a book, the vicious stepmother of the two villains. One is a profiteer from a wealthy and enemy country, who ends up in a different place, and the other becomes a female general who surrenders to the enemy and traitorous country, and ends up in a corpse wilderness. Hua Sijin must not let her brother and sister repeat the same mistakes, she vowed to change the fate in the book. She took her baby to farm and made her fortune, and always hugged the two babies tightly. “One, two, three?” “Who was the last one? Why impersonating my baby?” “Jinniang, I want to be a child’s stepfather and raise my baby together.” “Go away, I just want to farm and raise my baby, and be a widow by my skills.


Chapter 1 Unlucky Crossing
Chapter 2 Mother’s Transformation
Chapter 3 Song Hao Call for Help