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“Headache” because of lack of “coffee”, what should I do?

Acute caffeine deficiency can cause headache If you want to reduce your coffee consumption, what should you do? Many people may have heard of or have experienced it yourself When stopping to break raw, stop drinking coffee. Because he was afraid that drinking too much coffee could damage his health , but he could not stop drinking it in time. This symptom is known as “Acute caffeine deficiency”

Why does stopping coffee give me a headache?
It helps the body to be active and active, and it also contains drugs. Daily exposure will cause the body to constantly need this substance. If not received, headaches, fatigue, drowsiness, depression and loss of concentration can occur.

Why don’t some people have a headache?
There may be some people who stop drinking coffee comfortably. Just want to drink coffee because it’s not energetic. but did not have any headaches But with another person, it may be a very headache. until you have to rely on painkillers The symptoms that occur with each person when they stop drinking coffee is not the same. Because if normal people drink a lot of coffee a day. Symptoms after stopping drinking are more severe than others. go with that but don’t worry This headache occurs 12-24 hours after stopping coffee. and can be continued in 2-7 days, with symptoms becoming severe within the first 1-2 days, but if the body receives caffeine, the symptoms will improve within half an hour

Want to cure caffeine addiction, what should I do?
To prevent headaches after stopping coffee. should change the method gradually Decrease the amount you drink gradually, for example from 3 glasses a day to 2 glasses a day, and gradually increase the interval, such as 2 days, 1 drink, or just 2 glasses a week, etc.

Besides coffee There are also other drinks. that contain caffeine, such as tea, cocoa, which contain the same caffeine but the quantity is much less but should be avoided coffee ice cream energy drink electrolyte drink with the same caffeine but also high in sugar And if you choose to drink tea and cocoa, do not add too much sugar. Or should not put sugar at all is best.

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